Warmachine Tactics

So it’s finally happened, the heavy hitters of the wargaming community are finally moving into Kickstarter as a way to fund new projects rather than invest profits – as if they didn’t make enough to begin with.

Privateer Press has put up the Warmachine Tactics kickstarter, seeking the modest sum of $550,000 to create a video game version of the much played (and much maligned on this site) game. They’ve already smashed through $438,000 with 29 days to go so obviously it’ll get funded by the loyal, and no doubt sticky panted, fan base.

So far it looks average. Graphically it’s okay but it’s nothing exciting. It’s basically just an animated version of the tabletop game in so much as although  the characters move and the weapons fire, it feels like stop frame animation of action figures and there’s no real interaction with the environment. Granted there’s some nice animations when people get blown up but the world around them is unaffected so it just feels a bit put on. It is still in development but at present it all looks a bit clunky and horrid, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

I could rant about how this isn’t what Kickstarter should be for but if Kickstarter themselves don’t give a fuck then what’s the point?

Anyway, here’s the Kickstarter video. It’s got more ham than a tin of Spam but stick with it as it does show quite a bit of the game play.

9 thoughts on “Warmachine Tactics

  1. The only thing remotely interesting is the LE sculpts, I couldn’t care less about the game, it doesn’t look all that great (for all the smacking around those jacks do they always look in pristine condition even after taking an axe to the face). But when the pledges want $25 shipping in addition to what you have to spend to get anything you might want, no thanks. Especially as PP is a big enough player to fund this kind of crap with their own money.

    Would be fun to see what happened if GW put something on KS.

    1. Of course, but it’s not going to change my view that KS is for start ups. Privateer is an established company with capital to invest.

  2. I will probably write about this in the future on the shellcase, but I will wait till the funding is over to express my full opinion on this topic. Needless to say , video games are not the same as miniature wargames and I would not directly compare this as such. Privateer might be a moderately sized fish in a small pond, but when it comes to video games they might as well be zynga making farmville at this moment in time

    Even GW which, lets be realistic owns the majority of the miniature hobby market. Has had difficulties crossing into the digital space. Sure Space Marine, dawn of war and even warhammer quest have been decent entries into the genre, none of them have ever recieved much recognition beyond: hey this is just like Gears of War, or when do I get to play as master chief?

    Long story short, if even gw is a small fish in video games, privateer is basically working out of a garage. Is that not what kickstarter is about? Helping unknowns create something that would otherwise not be made? More to come in the following weeks….

    1. Thank you for that reply, I’ll admit that I’d never considered that as a position for them. I just see a successful games company making a game, even if it is a different kind from normal. I can still imagine that they’d have enough liquid assets to pay for this (and really, should stuff be developed if there isn’t the money there to do such?) Kickstarter does make sense in that regard but I’m with Phil. If I wanted to do a game, I’d go Kickstarter, means no indebtedness to evil bank manager and you know that you’ll be shifting at the start. I’m still very hesitant about already established companies going this route.

      I choose who I back very carefully.

    2. In a word? No. Kickstarter is for start ups. Privateer, whether they can afford a video game or not, are NOT a start up. If Privateer Press want to produce a video game themselves they invest money. If they don’t have the money they save up like every other business on the face of the Earth. Or, like GW partner with someone that can afford it. If Privateer have partnered with a developer that can’t bank roll their own game then they’re simply out of their minds.

  3. kickstarter has turned more into a place for profitable companies to find funding from their fans for ideas they don’t believe they can profit on in the first place. basically you can screw over your customers and fans and not have to spend a penny of your own money. kickstarter loves it as they make money as long as the goal is met.
    Don’t know how many people have actually seen the new convergence starter box but the models are horrible. the plastic flash and seams are the worst in the industry yet they can’t be bothered to return an email about it. warmachine was about metal now everything is going to plastic and bad plastic at that.

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