Once More Unto the Breach…

Okay bit of an explanation is needed. I haven’t played Wargames or been into the hobby for some time (well I have been into it but never taken the plunge again). The last time I played properly was when Necromunda was a new release and the specialist games range wasn’t known as the specialist games range. Phil has asked me to write a semi (fnar) regular series about my return to wargaming and its perils and pitfalls.

I find myself wondering why I stopped playing and all I’m coming up with is the discovery of alcohol, women and their boobs. I have in the last few years had the old foray into gaming with the odd bit of Kill Team here, the limited edition of Space Hulk there, but never really felt that bug again, until the birth of my little girl a few months ago. Actually a bit before that when, during the lunch break of an antenatal class Phil and I got chatting.

It turned out Phil used to work at the Games Workshop store that I would frequent on a Thursday night to unleash my Orlocks or ‘nids depending on my mood and if anyone was willing to play me at Necormunda. Needless to say Phil invited me along to one the games nights with The Chaps for a game of Relic and that was it, I was once again a plastic crack addict.

My first real taste came a few weeks back. As you all know, The Chaps have a little bit of love for Mordheim so it seemed like a reasonable place to start, despite, back in the day, I looked down on Mordheim from my lofty perch in Hive Primus. What an utter fool I was.

I acquired the rule book from good old eBay (thanks for nothing GW) and got to reading the rules.

Building my warband opened my eyes even further as Phil pointed me towards Firestorm Games to purchase my models… Now, I have only ever known what GW wanted me to know. I had no idea that the wargaming world was so vast and so rich and so…extensive. [It’s almost as if I planned it. Ed.] I’ve never been the best at making decisions. I must have all the facts and weigh up all the possibilities, so you can imagine what this did to me as I now had no idea where to start. After chatting with The Chaps I ended up back at the old staple and got myself a box of State Troopers and Militia, and it all begin again the cutting, shaping and gluing my, as my wife calls them, little men. Ahem… Finally my warband was ready.

My first game was interesting. And when I say interesting, I mean disastrous. I got my ass totally and utterly handed to me all game only winning by default as my opponent failed a his route test a turn away from achieving a breakthrough. I did gloat a little…and got told off by Phil who was playing next to me, quick as he was to point out I only had two blokes left alive.

I’m itching for my next game, but in the mean time I find myself putting together a Russian Coalition Fleet for Dystopian Wars which some how came into my possession. [I had nothing to do with it! Ed.] So I can relive my fond memories of Man’o’War and then some.

And now I’m being tempted with Godslayer no thanks to Phil. It seems that I haven’t so much caught the bug as caught as I’m in a hospice somewhere being given last rights. The only aspect I have yet to delve back into is painting my models, but this is only due to lack of painting apparatus and time as babies can be very demanding. Who knew?

There are so many games out there I was never aware of and some great models. There’s just no reason why you can’t let your imagination go and use models from one game in another. All the heroes for Phil’s Witch Hunter and Middenheim warbands are from Freebooter Miniatures. I totally intend on revisiting Battle Fleet Gothic with a fleet put together with models from the Firestorm Armada range (thanks for nothing again GW).

Something else that dawns on me as I type this is I never really lost the bug – presumably why I’m a critical case now – I just never had the friends around me who shared the same passions as me and being a loan gamer is no fun. Having a good group of like-minded friends is all part of the hobby and is possibly the single most important factor. And one (with my wife’s permission) I intend to fully enjoy and explore.

3 thoughts on “Once More Unto the Breach…

  1. As someone who doesn’t get to game as much these days either, its nice to read your post and that someone else gets the feeling of being reinvigorated even after so long an absence. 🙂

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