Tower of the Necromancer

As mentioned on Twitter I’ve been working on a scenario called the Tower of the Necromancer. Inspired by the Skullvane Manse kit I reviewed recently, I wanted to write a multiplayer Mordheim scenario that not only had a big centre piece like the Manse at its heart but an element that would make the game fast paced and throw up some genuine tactical decision-making, aside from the usual mang stuff in the face.

Some of you may have seen the photo below that I tweeted on Tuesday. It’s of the board Lee put together using our various scenery kits. Mine is easy to spot. They’re the ones with no paint on them… You’ll also notice the awesome explosion markers from Lemon Painting, rather proving my point that they look great as fires in buildings.


But I digress. The snap is of the original iteration of the scenario. Since Tuesday I have been tinkering with the scenario with the help of Lee and have ended up with two versions. Ambush and Rush. Although essentially the same in terms of premise and special rules, the variations between the two make for very different games.

The scenario is freely available for you to download here and from the Gaming Resources page. I hope you enjoy it.
The background should have been like a parchment but my PDF writer wasn’t playing ball so had to get rid. I’ll fit it at some point and reload.

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