Leaked Images of Space Marine Centurions


centurions2The rumours were true and thoroughly unsurprising as these dudes have been knocking around since the Horus Heresy collectible card game. And actually I’m quite impressed that they stayed as loyal as they did to the art work. Obviously the photos aren’t brilliant but I actually think these could be pretty cool….

Indicative price is 3 for £50 so start saving boys and girls.

And as a bonus, here’s a blurry shot of the anti-air craft Rhino Variant…

RhinoIf this is a stand alone I reckon it’ll be about £25. If it’s going to be rolled into the Rhino/Razorback box, it’ll be about £25…


11 thoughts on “Leaked Images of Space Marine Centurions

  1. Is it bad that my head thinks that’s how Terminator’s should have always looked?
    If you go by the fluff its tactical dreadnought armour. An this is the original fluff.
    With the technology lost on how to build new suits they had to strip down dreads for parts to repair it. An that looks like a half way between the terminator armour and a dread. Massive hulking exoskeleton of a suit. Yeah its ugly but who ever said war was pretty?

    1. Yeah, that’s certainly how some of the early Horus Heresy art portrays Terminators, hence the Cataphractii variant. Although the president had been set with model size so it’s hard to convince every space marine player to replace all their terminators because they’re the wrong size.

      1. That’s an easy thing to do. You just stop selling the new terminator models.
        They got bigger from metal to plastic, and they could just stop selling the accepted terminators. An we all know it wouldn’t be beyond them to do that, but then if you can add a new model into a range and sell twice as many miniatures then they will do that to. I can’t use them they are not in the Dark Angel codex.

  2. I like them. i think a big part of the problems is the mono colour schemes GW have them in a few different colours to make bits stand out and theyll look ace

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