A Tale of Two Armies – The First 500

TaleOfTwoArmies copy

Lee and I have been debating, deliberating and…something else beginning with ‘d’ to come up with our first 500 point army lists. We decided that the most effective way of kicking things off would be to base them on the contents of the Warhammer Battalion boxes. This would also give us a healthy jump on the next 500 points we’d have to get built and painted next month.

So we give you the first 500…points.


Exalted Champion – von Strauss the Red – 110 points
Mark of Khorne +10
Additional Hand Weapon +3
TOTAL 123 points

10 Chaos Warriors – 140 points
Mark of Khorne +20
Shields +10
TOTAL 170 points

15 Chaos Marauders – 90 points
Mark of Khorne +30
Light Armour +15
Shields +15
Chieftan +10
Standard +10
TOTAL 170 points

6 Chaos Warhounds – 36 points
TOTAL 36 points


OVERALL TOTAL 499 points


Captain – Ludwig von Bomburg – 60 points
Full Plate Armour +6
Sword of Might +20
Enchanted Shield +5
TOTAL 91 points

19 Halberdiers – 114 points
Sergeant +10
Standard +10
Musician +10
TOTAL 144 points

5 Archers (detachment) – 35 points
TOTAL 35 points

5 Imperial Knights – 110 points
Greatweapons – FREE
TOTAL 110 points

Great Cannon – 120 points
TOTAL 120 points


OVERALL TOTAL 500 points

11 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Armies – The First 500

    1. I was but with the Mark of Khorne it isn’t really necessary. I may do a unit with additional hand weapon but the extra point of save will be needed against Empire shooting.

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