Mr Tremblay Does Dreadball


I have been looking at Dreadball for quite a while and I can’t help but feel intrigued by the entire game. I love Blood Bowl and continue to have hours of fun with the computer game. There are several reasons why I never got into the proper miniature version of Blood Bowl. It’s quite simple really: 1) Lack of a supported model line. 2) The models never really appealed to me [Because they’re shit. -Ed.]. 3) Hard to convince people to invest in another game that isn’t relatively available.



Long story short: I find Dreadball appealing for these reasons: 1) Easy to jump into a game. 2) It’s an original sports game, not just a recreation of Blood Bowl. 3) Multiple ways to play the game, with the new Ultimate Edition. So it looks like I’m getting into Dreadball. The question remains, what teams appeal to me and what will be my first purchases, or who will forever sit on the bench.

Season 1: Corporation/Orx Starter Bundle I personally don’t find these teams terribly exciting. Sure Orcs are always cool, but they feel a bit par for the course. The corp or Human teams are always kind of meh… in my honest opinion. Thankfully, the models look different enough that I can convince myself to forget how boring normal human teams can be thematically. It’s a science fiction based game and I wished they would have made their fiction more exciting, like humanoid robots or matrix infused karate humans that don’t use armour. I will be picking up both teams, because I want the starter box and to learn the basics. So I will have to take them. Status: Have no choice, but to buy them. Forgefathers: Awesome! Power armoured dwarfs. Think Iron man and thor had a step child…ok too much info. I would pick these up, but @JaronTheBaron has called dibs…Blast! Status: Probably in the future, but not for a while. Veerymn: Ok we all know space rats = Skaven, but who cares. They are an awesome team to play. [No they’re not, they’re rubbish. -Ed.] Unfortunately I own 210 Skaven and would like to avoid owning more Status: Last team I will buy.


Season 2: Void Sirens: My favourite team! Interesting female miniatures that make sense! They wear armour and its practical! In all seriousness, its cool that they can count as an alternative for the corp team or as their own unique team. Two teams for the price of one! What’s not to like! Status: Bought! Judwan: I dislike the aesthetic of the tall skinny aliens from 1950’s Sci-fi. Even Mars Attacks has a more interesting take on this style of alien. I can appreciate them being in the game, but they just don’t appeal to me. Also their play style of only passing, seems to contradict my hockey upbringings. Status: Probably going to stay on the bench. Not saying their bad, in fact many consider this the best team. Just not my cup of tea. Robots: I like the concept of the team being able to switch player roles on the fly. The models seem, almost too skinny for what they do, but I can forgive that for a potentially engaging team to play on the pitch. Just didn’t have enough cash to pick these in the first go round. Status: will pick up in the second batch. Zorr: They are bugs, a bit goofy looking, but a very interesting team. Not a bad-looking team, but the models didn’t pull me in enough. But perhaps in the next batch of purchases. Status: Not the first purchase, but perhaps later on.


Season 3) TURTLES!!! I like the concept of this team and I was torn on buying these guys. Teleporting turtles with a rat coach, come on guys how can I avoid that! Needless to say, it was a close call but these will be a second waver for me. It came down to a lack of colour scheme ideas. Status: Next Wave. The Nameless: Not only is this team Cthulu based, but the potential for detailed colour schemes is what I find the most appealing. The variety of models on the team also helps to diversify this team and make them unique. Status: Bought! Space Elves: To be honest, the models look fine and have a unique play style. I just wanted to pick a nice diverse spread of teams for my initial batch of miniatures. Unfortunately, I just find the other teams more intriguing overall. Status: Not a first purchase, but perhaps later on. The Zee! A team of genetically engineered hyper monkey clones. This team is truly original and just plain goofy to play. I like how they are simple to paint, easy to explain, yet hard to master. A really fun team to use in Dreadball Ultimate, which I am also picking up. Status: Bought!

So there we go, now it’s time to wait till my models get here in the frozen norths of Canada. Until next time!

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