Hero Quest on Kickstarter

Twenty-four years ago I was introduced to a game that would catapult me into worlds and galaxies that I never could have dreamed possible and a fascination, passion and hobby that has endured all this time and lead to this very site being created. I refer to Hero Quest…

Well Gamezone Miniatures have somehow managed to get permission to produce a 25th anniversary edition of the game which is now up on Kickstarter!

heroquestnewI’m so excited about this that it almost made me break my ‘no pledge’ policy. It’s already smashed it’s target but I urge you all to go take a look and pledge what you can. This game inspired a generation of children to take the first steps into wargaming. Wouldn’t it be incredible if it could do it all over again?

Here’s the video from Kickstarter. And just FYI, I remember the TV spot it opens with. Yes I’m that old. Fuck off.

7 thoughts on “Hero Quest on Kickstarter

  1. Just what I didn’t need….. another Kickstarter to potentially back. I’ve gone from being rather vociferous in my concerns about the system to making several pledges towards projects I’ve wanted.

  2. The trouble is it looks like they hadn’t got permission to make a new edition of the boardgame HeroQuest, merely produce a game in Spain with the title “HeroQuest”. Two very different prospects, and when they asked the US Trademark Holders of “HeroQuest” if they could use the name (and therefore sell overseas) they were asked for evidence they had a full license to produce a new edition from Hasbro (the holders of the game’s copyright). Gamezone have been clear in their statements that they were planning to work around this aspect (new art, rewritten rules, new sculpts etc) so couldn’t provide that proof. The US trademark holders therefore said “no”, as allowing it could lead to accusations of copyright fraud etc.

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