Warhammer Dwarfs Available to Pre-Order

The latest iteration of Warhammer Armies Dwarfs is about to drop and with it some beardy new releases. Sadly the standard Dwarf warriors aren’t amongst them And by the looks of things, neither are the Trollslayers. Which means that Avatars of War will be doing a roaring trade in the coming weeks because there Dwarf models are just better. So very much better.

So what’s up for grabs? Well a box of 10 Hammerers/Longbeards for £30…


These actually look pretty sweet. They kinda look power armoured which is no bad thing.

BelegarIronhammer01_873x627Belegar Ironhammer.  New character and an utterly stupid helmet. I’m not too convinced by this guy. Aside from the general lack of fine detail the model lacks dynamism. He weighs in at £13.DragonSlayer01_873x627On the other hand the Dragon Slayer has dynamism in spades but again, let seems to lack the finer detail we’d expect from metal or Finecast. Or, again, Avatars of War. The Dragon Slayer too is £13.

7 thoughts on “Warhammer Dwarfs Available to Pre-Order

  1. Bit a lack luster lunch if you ask me. Is this a new approach? A slower release over a month? Next week it will be a plastic blimp or some other bizarrely oversized kit for £50.00

  2. Hello Phil,

    after your review, I bought the Avatar dwarfs. No offense intended with my feedback below.

    Yes they look nice and have some advantages – but overall Im not satisfied. The two body parts dont fit together, arms where muscles dont match the back and need greenstuff to smooth some edges, very fishy pieces etc. That repositioning is limited to arms I can attribute to the stocky build and competition is not doing better :-). To me its not flexible enough for an individual army, not a good enough fit for cool paint jobs and too difficult for quick assembly.

    Bevor building minis, I did battleships, tanks, airplanes etc. which gave me enough of experience with smallish things. So its not for lack of skill that Im unhappy.

    best regards joe

    1. I’m sorry to hear the models you received weren’t up to snuff. I didn’t find any such problems with the boxes I was reviewing but casting quality with rastic can be up and down. To me it sounds like you got a bad batch. I’m sure if you contact AoW they’d replace it for you.

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