Leaked 40k Chaos Helbrute Images

After a loooooooooooong wait Chaos Space Marine players can rejoice that a multi-part plastic Helbrute is finally on its way. By the looks of the leaked photos below there’s only one body option but several head pieces so kinda like the plastic Venerable Dreadnought for their loyalist counterparts. And, of course, a bunch of weapon options including plasma cannons, big smashy hammers and big smashy fists.

Interestingly it looks like they’ve opted for corrupted versions of the current Space Marine Dreadnought rather than a pre-Heresy/Contemptor version. I’m not disappointed perse it just would have been cool to see a wibbly Contemptor Dreadnought stomping about gaming boards.



2 thoughts on “Leaked 40k Chaos Helbrute Images

  1. boy that thing is ugly. I think I’ll stick with my converted AOBR chaos dreads, or buy Forgeworld if I have the money. GW’s design team has no taste compared to Forgeworld.

    1. Agreed. I’m glad I have my old Metal Dread and a Forgeworld one (one day I will have one for all my chaos forces- one day!). They both look much better to me than this. But at least CSM players have a model they can get without buying the starter set!

      Also, in fairness, I suppose the hellbrute is meant to distance itself from the space marine dreadnought to make the CSM codex more unique.

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