X-Wing Expansion: Millennium Falcon – A Review

FFGSWXwinglogoI think it’s fair to say that we, at The Shell Case, are rather smitten with X-Wing Miniatures Game by Fantasy Flight Games. As the team has grown I’ve been dangling the game in front of anyone who would let me and fortunately for me Mat bit and bit hard. This has meant several things have happened. A genuine and lasting excitement for Star Wars that has prompted us to get back into the novels and computer games, regular games, battle reports and reviewing models of ships I watched time and again as a child with complete wonderment. Wonderment that has endured these last (almost) 30 years. And not to gush more than I am, I now get to review the Millennium Falcon.

box-SWX06-rightI don’t know why I was surprised when the parcel arrived to find that it was a boxed expansion. Specifically a large box. Because, well, as one would expect, she’s bloody massive. Except I didn’t appreciate how massive having never seen the model next to anything other than Slave 1.

ffgmfBearing in mind that the small black window of the X-Wing contains a single pilot you rather get the idea of size. And for the money it’s actually – compared to the fighter expansions – pretty outstanding value. Yes it’s twice the price but it’s five times the model. At least. The model itself is a faithful recreation of the Falcon right down to its shit-kicker worn out appearance complete with battered bulkheads and battle damage. The only downside, because of its size, is that the basic paint job is a bit on the scrappy side. On the snubfighters it’s not so bad or somehow more excusable – you decide – but with the Falcon it looks like someone has basecoated the model then dipped it in that Army Painter stuff. It’s perfectly passable and still looks cool, it’s just a shame that for the larger models a little more care wasn’t taken.

Aside from a stonking great YT-1300 transport you also get an equally stonking base with stonking great cards to go on top. There’s some new rules which include rules for turrets which makes the Falcon just sick There’s also 4 ship cards including the old favourites – Han Solo, Chewbacca and Lando – and 14 upgrade cards. The deck is full of little gems. Concussion missiles are ace, allowing you to flip misses to hits and all for 4 points. Shield and engine upgrades are slightly over the top but you’d be mad not to take them, especially as the engine upgrade gives you a free move. But co-pilots cards are something to get really excited about, offering up, as they do, some incredibly useful bonuses. For example Luke Skywalker who allows you turn focus results into hits. He is 7 points though, which is embarrassingly expensive. Needless to say, whilst young Luke is manning the gun turrets he probably can’t pilot an X-Wing…


The ship cards make for some tasty reading. Well, two of them do. Han Solo is ace. Lando, slightly less, and Chewie disappointingly average. But with only 4 points between Han and Chewie you’ll take Han every time. With activation of 9, he’s as quick off the mark as Wedge Antilles. Chuck in 3 shots, 360 degree field of fire, and a re-roll every time is just nuts. Plus 5 shields and 8 points of damage. Don’t get me wrong, the Falcon is a wallowing old tub and turning isn’t its strong suit so getting drawn into a dog fight would be its undoing. But with its durability and the aforementioned turrets means that it should be able to fight its way clear of most traps.

The Millennium Falcon, as an expansion, is superb. Aside from getting to field the beautiful old dame, the upgrade cards are all pretty tasty and the variety of ship cards does mean a lot of fun scenarios to be had. It’s a must for fans and a must for players wanting to move their games on from dogfights. And it’s a must because it’s the Falcon.

The Millennium Falcon expansion pack is available from Firestorm Games priced £22.50.

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