Alliance Undone

TSCA_Logo_W copyMost will have noticed a lack of content lately. This is because real life, for the entire team has rather gotten in the way. One of our number has had to take a couple of months off and the rest of us wrestle with work a family commitments. We’re working hard to get our lives in order to bring the content back up to snuff but it does mean that concessions must be made.

However, something has to give. The Shell Case Alliance blog network was founded with the sole ambition for members to mutually support one another’s efforts through sharing the RSS feed and reblogging one another’s content. The idea being that members would mutually benefit from shared content as well as having a wealth of content to put up also.

Sadly it has been a failure. I could try to sugar coat it but it is what it is. I’ve not had the time to keep memberships up to date for starters. And I must apologise to all those that have contacted over the last year (yes, I’m that shit) requesting to join. However, between an RSS feed that got hacked, but wasn’t maintained anyway, and few embracing the ideals with which the Alliance was founded it was irrelevant anyway.

I had hoped as The Shell Case team grew I would be able to focus on that site more but it’s just not been possible and so I’ve come to the decision that the The Shell Case Alliance site (to be completely clear – not this site) will close on the 30th June unless someone steps forward to administrate it.

You’re welcome to contact me through the usual channels. If, after a couple of discussions and establishing the right background (because I don’t have time to hand hold unfortunately) you’ll be given admin access and all you need to do is respond to membership requests, update the RSS feed & Blogdex and vigorously pursue the ideals of the Alliance. Be warned it’s not a quick ten minutes every now and then.

If no one comes forward the site will be deleted and a chapter of TSC history closes. Members will need to take down their buttons if you please. This site will continue on with hopefully improved vigour as there’ll be one less site to worry myself into inactivity over.

I’d like to thank the earliest members who agreed to join the Alliance when they had absolutely no reason to trust Dave (@docbungle) and I when we first came at them with the idea. To Dave for his unflagging support and all the members for wanting to be a part of something like this.


2 thoughts on “Alliance Undone

  1. Jeebus. Real life does that to all of us (until today my most recent post was “I aten’t dead”) from time to time. Hobby and blogging about hobby sometimes have to take a back seat.

    Even with the odd fallow period, this is one of the best blogs we gamers have and it’d be a shame to see it wither. I hope you can continue, in the knowledge that real life affects us all and your readers understand that.

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