Mark of War – Creating a Fantasy World

mow logoHopefully, if you’ve been following me on any form of social media you will have noticed that I’ve been blathering about a new project called Mark of War. At the basic level, it’s a tabletop miniatures game that you play on your PC or Mac or (if the funding goes well) your iThingy.

Look at this picture, it really saves me several thousand words.


If you aren’t aware of it, please go and look at the website now, or look at Phil’s first thoughts here,  and mark the 25th of August on your calendar as the day the Kickstarter launches.

>Patient whistling, those still around cast the occasional glance at each other, silence gets a bit more awkward, a couple of people leave…<

Great, you’re back!

On the website is a whole section dedicated to the armies you’ll be able to field. The major ones have been announced by now, and I’m taking this opportunity to talk a little bit more about the world in general, to piece it all together for you and give an insight of how we’ve been going about this.

Armies_Kingdom-1009x1024A few months back the lovely people at Warpforged Games asked me if I would do some work with them on the background and world of Mark of War. They had come up with a basic premise, they knew which races they wanted to develop armies for and some of the image concepts were underway. From my point of view, pretty much ideal – not a total blank page but plenty of room to get adventurous! The underlying history of Mark of War is essentially the story of Lucifer’s fall smushed together with Revelations. Angels and demons and the apocalypse, oh my.

Anyway, regular readers of my work will know that I’m not renowned for moral absolutism, and my experience with Warhammer has taught me that everyone has a perspective, even if you’re a blood-crazed worshipper of dark and forbidden gods. Good and evil, man, are just, like, your viewpoint, m’kay? The Lucifer character morphed from being the Corruptor to being dubbed the Liberator by his followers. Get where this is going?

So, the Creator, um, creates everything with the help of divine servants. There’s a rebellion over how humans should learn about the greater secrets of the universe and the Liberator and friends are turned into demons, while the obedient divine servants become angels. The Liberator and other demons hate the Creator for this, and turn a whole load of humans into orcs, creating a vast horde with which they will wipe out the Creator’s works.

mow orc modelAt the same time, the Liberator has been whispering all kinds of juicy secrets to the humans, enticing them away from the rigid laws of the Creator, leading to the rise of the Ascended.


Faced with this assault, the Creator realises that the humans cannot survive on their own. The Creator sends the angels down from the heavens to lay their touch upon a bunch of humans, thus bringing into the world the elves, who can aid the loyal humans against the oncoming legions of the Liberator.

elf model

There is a big war and pretty much the Creator’s armies lose. City after city falls to the orcs and Ascended until only one remains – Westfort.


At the very brink of victory, the individualism and selfishness brought about by the Liberator’s interference comes full circle and most of the Ascended leave the battle to follow their own desires, abandoning the orcs in the biggest assault in creation. Even so, the orcs are on the verge of winning, and in a desperate last act the Creator breaks the world, opening up the Rift. This consumes the demons, the Liberator, the Creator, kills most of the orcs and unleashes all sorts of monsters, as well as irrevocably flooding the world with Essence (magic but with a cooler, more relevant name). Westfort just about survives to become the capital of the Kingdom, and after a hundred years have passed, the stage is set for these factions to battle for domination once more.

Banner_OrcsThe idea of Essence, the energy used by the creator at the birth of the world, has gained some traction, and I think will make for an interesting magic system when we’ve had a bit more time to work on it. Similarly, the Rift is a literal bottomless pit of fun monsters and horrible things yet to be revealed.

My point is, there is a nice metaphysical, almost theological underpinning to the world right from the outset. It feels… big. One might even hazard epic. A battleground not just between armies but between ideas. We’re working hard to make sure that each of the factions has some real motivation and depth, which players will be able to latch onto when they are fighting their battles, and delve into and argue about discuss when they’re not.


So, please come along to the forums and talk about what you would like to see, in the game and in the background. We’ve only just begun creating this world and I’m really excited by the possibilities. If you are too, please back the Kickstarter so that Mark of War can become a reality,

Thanks, see you on the battlefield!

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