Low Ammo

It’s with a great deal of sadness that I must announce that The Shell Case will be going on indefinite hiatus.

The site has been plagued by misfortune since May with the long-term plans for the site falling through, the team of contributors I’d worked hard to build gradually dropping out and disbanding and the prodigious content we produced dwindling to barely a post a week. Part of the reason for that last part is my own circumstances proving too challenging for me maintain the site as well as my sanity. More recently those circumstances have complicated further and there comes a point where one must have to re-prioritise

To keep my hobby alive & healthy and keep moving forward the project I’m working on with Lee and Neil during these turbulent times, this site that I love and grown from nothing must take one for the team.

I have a number of reviews I must put out to ensure obligations to my sponsor and others are met, and the #warmonger of the year and #warmongers Secret Santa posts will go out as planned but after this point the site will enter the hiatus and no further content will go up.

I’m still reachable by email, Twitter and Facebook. I hope this hiatus will be brief but until things stabilise it’s impossible to say.

Thanks to everyone for reading.


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