Collecting Knights and Why I’m Not Mental

I’ve started collecting an Imperial Knights army. I can say that because I now own more than the one I reviewed back in April 2014 back on The Shell Case. This is, of course, thanks to the comically good value of the Imperial Knights: Renegade boxset.


This may seem like I’ve lost the plot, especially if I stop to consider how many models I’ve got and how many of those are unpainted but bear with me and hear me out.

I’ve entered into something of a new chapter in the saga of my hobby and what’s more, I entered into it without even realising.

I think it happened when I went to Warhammer World. It was my birthday and I wanted to get something cool. The problem was there was nothing I needed. My Ultramarines are as big as they ever need to be.

Of course I could get more tactical squads and more assault squads but what would be the point? I’ve only ever fielded the 1st and 5th once in all the years I’ve had the army. It was glorious but hardly justification for collecting the 3rd company which I’d been considering.

Instead I did what anyone would do going to Warhammer World with a figurative pocket full of cash: I went to Forge World.

The thing is, when you have all the Space Marines you need, with all the tanks you need, there’s really nothing else to but get the stuff I want. Which is why I ended up with a Fire Raptor and a Sicaran battle tank.

And that’s the point. I don’t need anything any more. I have two 40k armies, one massive, both legal. I have a Fantasy Chaos army that’s massive and apart from the painting is complete. Ish. I have Mordheim warbands coming out of my ears and a Gothic fleet that can eclipse the stars themselves. I don’t need anything any more.

What want is a Knight army. For no other reason than because I can and it’s a fantastic hobby project to undertake. It’ll also be a very interesting army to use… assuming anyone is willing to let me field it.

It’s indulgent, it’s extravagant and it’s totally unnecessary but that’s what makes it so much fun. Unburdened by ‘I must’ and ‘I need’ I can just enjoy myself. What better way of enjoying myself than collecting an army of Mechs? But not just any old Mechs, Knightly Mechs with a code of honour and brotherhood. I can’t think of anything better.

It may explain why I’ve dropped £30+ on basing materials.

It also explains why I’m considering at least one Thunderbolt for air support purely because I’ve always loved the model.

Hilariously, 5 Knights only weighs in at 2100 points which means flyers and more Knights to get the army up to 3,000 points is on the cards. I knew I was on the right track when the news delighted me rather than put me off.

The bottom line, however, is this: it’s reminded me that collecting an army is exciting. It’s not work, although batch painting can feel that way, or something we have to do. Collecting Knights is a staggeringly expensive business but I had a choice. I decided that the fun of crafting the bases, building the models and painting them far outweighed the cost.

The finished result will be something splendid to behold and a point of pride. Unless I bodge the painting.

But, frankly, complaining about the cost of something I’ve chosen to do is as retarded as getting drunk then complaining about the hangover. I made the choice and I’m having a blast.

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