More 6th Edition 40k Rumours

The rumour mill has been chugging away and produced this little lot that I found on Blood of Kittens. Some of it seems a little out there so, as always, take it with a pinch of salt.

Changes to the fluff:
The Imperium is fracturing and the Space Marines are starting to separate themselves from the Lords of Terra. The heretical and xenophobia has gotten to a tipping point causing many chapters to take actions against the “best wishes” of many in the Imperium.
A discovery of galactic importance has happened.
At a time before right before the Horus Heresy the Emperor had intrusted Roboute Guilliman in the protection of one Xenos race that was completely immune the temptations of Chaos and would prove the ultimate key to the destruction of Chaos. The Horus Heresy ended such plans. Fast forward to today with discovery of these lost correspondences, it is believed by the Ultramarines and others that the Tau are that lost race. So now instead of being charge with their destruction the Astartes are the Tau protectors.

Now I’m all for moving the story along but that last point seems a little much. The rest of it seems roughly along the lines of what my own GW sources are telling me though. But it’ll be interesting to see what happens as pretty soon changes to the canon will start to impact on the fiction. Plus the it’s always supposed to be ‘5 to midnight’ – midnight being the end of the Imperium as we know it – and if the rumours above are accurate it seems a little more like ‘2 minutes to midnight’.

Changes to the Rules:
Every unit gets a 6+ save vs. all Psychic Powers.
Random Charge Lengths are in.
Pre-measuring is in.
Random Battle field effects are in.
All armies can purchase buildings for placement on the battlefield.
Psychic powers are selected during deployment. (except Grey Knights)
Deployment and Missions types have doubled.
Allies are back and this will be according to fluff and will have certain restrictions. So for instance Tyranids will not have any allies. Tau with all Space Marine Chapters. Necrons with Blood Angels. Imperial Guard with Space Marines. Chaos Space Marines with Demons. If it fits the fluff it will be done.

I’m not sure how I feel about allies. I suppose it’s reasonable and allows for players to take more narrative driven armies. Random charge length seems a strange thing to introduce considering the standardised movement rule and doesn’t take into account things like Space Marines being super human power houses. Which will probably mean yet more special rules or exceptions in the book that single them out and make non-Space Marine players hate them even more. But I guess we’ll find out end of June.