Lordi Update

Creator of the Lord Inquisitor movie, friend of The Shell Case an all round nice guy, Erasmus, has been a very busy chap of late.

Aside from producing some incredibly awesome looking renders of Servo-skulls (pictured below), he brings word that the project has now been officially green lit by the Games Workshop. This welcome and well deserved news has meant that not only now Erasmus can properly gear up and pour even more of his heart and soul into The Lordi, but he’sĀ benefitedĀ from a huge influx of talent to help get the project finished. The most significant, perhaps, of these new additions is a new write in the form of Black Library author, and firm fan favourite, Aaron Dembski-Bowden.

This incredible development, combined with the widening team at Erasmus’ disposal will mean the film will now be closer to 40 minutes rather than 15-20. Again, very welcome news indeed.

Now news on the release date as of yet. I imagine that the new team will take a while to bed in and Erasmus and Aaron will need to thrash out a now much longer story.

I may have to collar the man himself for an update in his own words, so watch this space…