MkIV Space Marine Command Set

Forgeworld have done it again! An utterly gorgeous Space Marine command set containing a MkIV armoured captain and company standard-bearer. As one would expect, they look gorgeous, oozing awesome from every post human pore.

But by far the best bit is that the set of two models costs £25. This may seem steep but it works out at £12.50 a model, that’s cheaper than a plastic Space Marine captain. Yes, it’s still, strictly speaking a rip off. And yes, you don’t get all the extra parts. But it’s good for GW and who gives a shit when they look that nice?! Rather conveniently they’re dispatching from the 29th June which is just in time for pay day…and *click*.

Deathknell Watch Scenery

That’s right ladies and germs, another fecking massive tower from the Games Workshop to make games of Warhammer even more difficult to play than before. The Deathknell Watch kit is available to advance order.

The fluff from the Games Workshop website goes a little (exactly) like this:

Beyond the outskirts of Altdorf, high upon the Howling Hills, sits the lonely tower of Deathknell Watch. Legend tells that this skull-wrought tower has stood for hundreds, possibly thousands, of years, casting its grim shadow across travellers braving the dangerous passage of the Altdorf-Harstadt road. The architects of these sinister towers built them over arcane Wyrding Wells, using them to imbue the tower with potent magical defences. They are now maintained by the College of Engineers and garrisoned by sharp-eyed sentries during the day. No one wants to stay there at night though – it’s not because it’s haunted, it’s just very windy up there on top of the Howling Hills (not to mention pretty noisy). At 11 inches high, this mighty three-story edifice is capped with crenellated battlements and a distinctive bronze skeleton signalling device.

At £20 for a 43 part piece of scenery it’s actually pretty fantastic value. But if you didn’t like Skullvane Manse you’re probably not going to like this either as it’s essentially a condensed kit with all those stupid skull shaped rocks done away with. But as something cool on the board for Warhammer or Mordheim it’s not bad and far more practical than some other terrain pieces. But all it points towards is the Games Workshop wanting us to play bigger games on bigger boards…take that how you will.