Big Damn Painting Competition: Announcement.

In the last few days we have received a few messages from concerned entrants with regards to the voting on our site. We have been investigating this and can now substantiate that unfortunately there has been an indeterminate amount of manipulation/cheating happening. We at The Shell Case are extremely disappointed and saddened with this realisation.

We cannot prove that any particular entrants were actually involved in this, so all entries still stand, but the public vote has been closed and will be discounted. The voting will now fall to The Shell Case team and we will be looking to make a unanimous decision and the winners will be announced tomorrow.

I do find it sad that some people found it necessary to manipulate the vote in a community such as ours, and hope they feel ashamed of themselves for ruining what was our first – and now our last – public vote painting competition.

– Mat

Big Damn Painting Competition Extended

Those¬†expecting entries for¬†our Big Damn Painting Competition to appear on the site and our Facebook page are going to have to wait a little longer. We’ve already had some cracking entries come through but we’ve also had a few people say that they didn’t have enough time to finish their entries for the given deadline, or they were asking if they could submit them a day or two late.

Whilst allowing late submissions isn’t fair on those that got them in on time, we want as many people to be in a with a chance of winning as possible. So, with that in mind, we’ve decided to extend the submission deadline by a week.

All the information and rules for the painting competition remain the same other than the amended closing and voting dates below and can be found here.

So the new closing date is the 14th April at midday UK time. Voting will open on the 15th here and on our Facebook page and will remain open until the 22nd after which point a winner and the two runners-up will be announced.

We hope this allows those worried they’d miss out to finish their entries and get the pictures over to us.

Happy painting.