Ainsty New Releases and Christmas Offers

That lovely lot over at Ainsty Castings have not only released a raft of new lines just in time for your loved ones to buy and put under the Christmas tree, but they’re helping to make the pennies go that little bit further. Really ace to see a company in the community helping gamers out.

So, spend £50 on a single order and get 20% off. Spend £70 and get 20% off and free worldwide shipping. Considering some of the completely awesome sets Ainsty do – like the Flameblade Compound reviewed back in November last year – you’d be mad not to take advantage.

Below is a grab of all the goodies Ainsty has released in December. As usual I go straight to the industrial looking scenery and have a little yearn. Especially now as it’s perfect for the game I’ve developing…


Ainsty December Releases