Corax: Soulforge Trailer

Okay, a little late to the party but it looks like there’s another limited edition Horus Hersy novels on its way and this time it’s Corax kicking some serious face. So…may have to get that. Because, you know, Corax…and face kicking…

Scratching That Itch

One of my new year’s resolutions this year was to forgive the Games Workshop for all the wrong doings I’ve felt they have inflicted upon the hobby community. There’s a few reasons for these ‘wrong doings’; like any company with share holders they have to do whatever it takes to make money. Combined with business, rather than hobby, focussed senior staff it’s little wonder things are the way they are.

The bottom line is that me getting all bitter and twisted that in 12 years a Space Marine tactical squad has gone from £15 to £28 is pointless. It changes nothing. And it’s actually damaging because I’ve not played with, let alone painted anything in my Ultramarine army in more than a year. And it’s also meant me putting distance between me and friends of mine who work for the company. Which, again is daft.

What all this boils down to is that I feel like I’m betraying my principles every time I see new models from the Games Workshop I want. Which, again is pointless. So in summary, I’ve spent a lot of time being pointless.

I’ve also being feeling the lure of starting a new army. Between Chapter’s Due and Raven’s Flight I’ve fallen in love a little bit with the Raven Guard, and after a natter with Gav Thorpe about Deliverance Lost (so it’s all his fault), that love is burning bright in my breast to the point that I think I need my very own company of Corax’s Ninja’s in Space. So this means accepting it’s gonna cost me a few quid and/or being a bit savvy about how I build this army up.


To be honest only being able to afford bits and pieces will mean that I’ll actually get something painted. Because there’s fewer motivators more powerful than that new army feel. And it is my hope that having a hobby project slightly removed from my blog related mumblings will get my arse into gear to the point that I’ll paint the piles of other toys I’ve got.

Bottom line, I’m done being cross. I’m done being resentful. I’m still gonna wince everytime the total is rung up on the till, and I’m still gonna moan about the big kits and the rule rumours I don’t like the sound of.
But I’m gonna get back to enjoying the games I like. I’m not gonna buy every sack load of shit the GW are shovelling, but I am gonna let it worry me less.

So, brothers of Deliverance, the scions of Corax, to arms!