Leaked Imperial Guard Codex Cover

It seems that the Imperial Guard are no more. At least not in the sense that we’ve known and loved them all these years. It seems they are now the Space Army – or Astra Militarum. I suspect this is the catch all organisational term applied to the Imperial Armed Forces – so the Guard, the Munitorum etc etc.

Either way, the cover is gorgeous. This may have to be a purchase. And may well mean I finally collect my air cavalry army.


And just to emphasis the departure from the traditional guard here’s a shot of the new Taurox and the Tempestus Scions. The former looks like some God-awful kitbash from a WWII half track, some Sister of Battle kits, an Ork Wagon and a few spare Imperial components. Tha latter look like a merging of the awesome Kasrkin models and the atrocious original plastic Stormtrooper models. I strongly urge Guard players the world over to buy up as many Kasrkin models as you can because I think there’s going to be some quite iffy models to accompany this release.



It looks like this Codex could be the biggest army shake up ever.



Warhammer Armies Dwarfs Cover Revealed

Generally speaking I think all the Warhammer Armies cover art has been pretty awesome. The Dwarfs one doesn’t disappoint. It possesses such grim determination whilst being quite understated. It’s not exploding with violence. Understated is good. This may seem at odds with the stereotypical view of Dwarfs, especially thanks to the beer swilling, house tidying, song singing, pipe smoking, leary bunch of bearded bastards shown in Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit, but in Warhammer I see them as a far more solemn bunch. Mainly because their homes keep getting overrun by Orcs and Skaven keep stealing all their shit.


Codex Inquisition Cover Revealed

The Inquisition are on the move. And they have pointy sticks and fiery torches to shove up heretics’ bottoms. And here’s the cover…


It rather lacks the gravity of the main Codex releases but you still wouldn’t mess with him.


Tau Cover Art

Here it is folks, a blurry photo of the Tau Codex…The commander model reflects this dude but sadly the crisis suit haven’t been updated which is a real shame.


warhammer 40K Tau Battlesuit CommanderAnd just to make you cry, the price lists…

Riptide Suit £50.00

Sun Shark Bomber / Razorshark Strike Fighter £40.00

Hammerhead / Skyray £35.00

Pathfinders (plastic) £20.00

Broadside £30.00

Crisis Suits (boxed set) £45.00

Cadre Fireblade £12.00

Tau Battlesuit Commander £25.00

Commander Farsight £30.00

Darkstrider £11.00

Longstrike £9.50 

Battleforce £80.00


Pariah Cover Art

I saw this little slice of awesome floating around the interwebs, so I thought I’d share. The cover art for the eagerly anticipated Pariah by Dan Abnett. The first of the Bequin trilogy that pits Eisenhorn & Ravenor against one another. It’s going to be awesome.