Is It A Bird, Is It A Plane?

No, it’s fucking massive airship!

Spartan previews two more mad as bat shit designs for the incredibly awesome Dystopian Wars. I know I don’t write about it enough but Dystopian Wars really is a cracking good game. Granted, the mechanic is pretty much identical to Firestorm Armada which is a game I massively enjoy. Mainly because I have a thing about Spaceships. Which is entirely the result of being brought up on the finest diet of Science Fiction.

Dystopian Wars’ background is interesting and has huge amounts of potential, some of it rather unexplored by Spartan but they’ve got plenty of time.

But they’re certainly churning out some excellent models for the game. The latest previews are:

The Gewitterwolke¬†Class Airship. As with any Prussian instrument of war its armed to the tits but will probably explode from a strong gust of wind…

And secondly the Tsukuyomi Class War Gyro from the Empire of the Blazing Sun. Straight out of a Bond movie, I have no idea what it can do but I want one to drive to work in. Then blow work up.