Star Wars Armada Giveaway Winner


As some of you may have seen earlier I closed the giveaway far earlier than planned. Someone shared it on a money saving forum and it all went a bit mad. I received more than 600 entries, 200 of which came through in a truly alarming flurry around 4:30 today.

To clarify, I have nothing against money saving sites or their users but The Shell Case is a but a small corner of the internet that exists for the wargaming community. Whislt I would never impose limitations on who can enter a line had to be drawn.

With the giveaway closed there was little point In waiting until the original draw date so a winner has been randomly selected. The lucky bastard/winner (delete as appropriate) is none other than much loved/mocked (delete as appropriate) #warmonger, @shavenwookie.

The Star Wars Armada starter set worth £67.99, courtesy of Firestorm Games, will be winging it’s way to him shortly.


Special Ammunition

6 months ago I took a leave of absence. My life was getting very complicated and things were reaching a critical mass that would have seen, amongst other things, myself explode like a poodle in a microwave.

Things are much better. Still complicated but I am happier. It’s taken a lot of reflection and a lot of changes many of which are personal and those closest to me will know what those are and the rest of you…well tough shit.

This site and my hobby – and the future of both – hung in the balance for quite some time. This website, once a source of great joy for me, had become something negative with the resounding screwing over I and it got last year. Equally my fixation on making it a success and its ultimate downfall cost me a lot. It cost me my health, it strained relationships, it impacted on my work performance – particularly during the aforementioned screwing over – and my hobby suffered too. It took a lot to reconcile all that and decide if I wanted the site as part of my life. The fact that I’m here typing suggests I do but I’m yet to full decide in what form that will take.

As for my hobby…like a fat chick fresh out of an LA cosmetic surgeons office, it’s looking pretty unrecognisable. Most of it has gone including items with obligations attached. I apologise sincerely to all those concerned, but promised content won’t be forthcoming. They were assignments taken on at a pretty difficult time in my life and I needed a cleansing of all the negative shit that had built up around the site. Which is why, beyond esteemed guest writers like the immense Gav Thorpe, you won’t see contributors on this site whilst it exists in its current form. Again, certain contributors had made promises, none of which were kept and rather than continually setting myself up for disappointment, I’m putting a stop to it all together. This does mean various series will not be concluded and, again I apologise for that also.

But back to my hobby. As I say, it’s all pretty much gone. I’ve kept my Games Workshop stuff, my X-Wing fleet, and the Terran contents from the Firestorm Armada box and that’s it. The rest was sold or given away. The reason why isn’t because my hobby had become my job. I’d love my hobby to be my job. It was because I had too much content to produce and not enough time or willing hands to achieve it. Whether it was ambition or ego (or both) I overestimated a great many things last year and it cost me.

So where does it leave this site? Well, I was amazed to find that despite being untouched since Christmas people were still visiting the site. That’s a very humbling thing. As for content, it won’t be every day. Hell, it may not be every week but I’ll be writing again. I’m also going to be writing about what I’m up to in the hobby with a smattering of whatever takes my interest thrown in. Essentially I’m taking the site back to what I created it for. To talk about my hobby.

I hope to still do the odd product review because I really enjoy them. Firestorm Games being the amazing people they are, stuck by me when they had every right to cut me loose so I’m looking forward to renewing our friendship. Equally there are a great many companies I’ve gotten to know over the years that I hope I can still support in some small way.

I also owe an apology to fellow #warmongers who expected to see me at Salute 2015. I had a ticket but the reality was it was better for me to stay away. Granted I had the worst cold I’ve had in years over the weekend, but to represent this site wouldn’t have done me any favours. I wouldn’t have been there to network like previous years – Mr McVey I still owe you that beer! – and I’d done no hobby to speak of. Plus I’d just got back from Houston, Texas (big up to the guys at Fat Ogre) so it’s not like I could dropped a wad of notes at Forge World like I normally do.

But the fact that all the Horus Heresy armour variants I bought at Salute 2014 – intended to get me painting my Ultramarines again – remain distinctly resin grey means that buying more shit I don’t use is a great way of putting myself into a flat spin again.

So. I’ll conclude with this: I’m back, at least in part. Thank you to everyone for the outpouring of support when I went on hiatus and after.

I’m working on a couple of Mordheim warbands at the moment so I shall be kicking things off with some stuff about them.

Until next time…

All New Firestorm Games Website

Our awesome sponsor, Firestorm Games, has launched an all new and incredibly swanky website. Aside from a super slick (very Windows Phone) design it boasts improved, predictive, search; an events calendar and a place to raise a query or buy event tickets. All in all it’s all totally pimp.

FIRESTORM GAMES    WARHAMMER 40K HORDES WARMACHINE   MOREFirestorm Games is a superb business staffed by dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly guys. They’re totally community focussed and put service above all else. If you’re not a customer you should become one, they won’t let you down.

We’re very proud, here at The Shell Case, to be sponsored by them.


Firestorm Games Special Offer

I’m very excited to announce that my sponsor, Firestorm Games, is offering you, my loyal readers, a special discount code as a thank you for supporting my humble corner of the interwebs.

All you need to do is enter the code shellcase at the checkout for an additional 5% off the already discounted prices making, for example, Games Workshop lines a tasty 15% off RRP.

The code is only valid until the 18th November 2012 so make sure you get in quick!

A Few Words from Our Sponsors

The Shell Case Forums has officially closed. Sad but necessary for this humble blog to continue on its journey towards world domination. Looking back I realise that the forum was doomed. I had set it up in the early days of The Shell Case, in a rush, so it was something extra I could offer to the few readers I had and essentially build a community. Dave at Miniature Musings of a Bear was instrumental in getting people to join but also came up with the idea of making it a forum for all bloggers to direct their readers to so they could discuss posts. As many will know it was from this idea that I developed The Shell Case Alliance. To begin with I posted regularly on the forum as did Dave and a handful of others but for me it quickly became just a place to post links to blog posts which were taking more and more of my time. Which wasn’t really the point of it.

In the end I hardly ever went on there and if the creator of a forum wasn’t bothered then neither would anyone else. In the days leading up to making the decision to close the forum I tried to find someone willing to take on the responsibility and breathe new life into it. I was ready to give it a face list, buy the URL – the whole shebang – but sadly no one I approached wanted the challenge. Not that I blamed them. And, in truth, with the #warmongers community thriving on Twitter, much of the forum’s work was being done there so it became clear that the forum had to go.

With the closure of the forum it allows me to concentrate fully on making this blog better and bringing more content that you, my lovely readers, want to see which brings me on to the next stage in The Shell Case’s evolution which is sponsorship. Hopefully you would have noticed the bloody great button at the top of the blog. If not, here it is again…

Over the weekend the utterly awesome people at Firestorm Games agreed to sponsor the blog. They, rather flatteringly, see a lot of potential in my site and were excited to support me in growing it further. Needless to say I’ve been overawed and humbled by the faith Rob and the guys have shown in me and I’m equally keen to work with them as I have used Firestorm in the past and they had never let me down. They also have an impressive breadth of range which can only come from having a real passion for what they do and successful business model.

What this sponsorship will mean is I now have an infrastructure behind me what will allow me to review more games, models and rule books than ever before and without the long and sometimes grinding task of contacting the dozens and dozens of wargaming companies out there and seeing if they’d be interested in reviews. Essentially, they’ll be more reviews, more often and covering a much wider range of games and models. And should free up sufficient time for me to pilot the podcast I’ve been working on in the background.

So a touch of sad news but coupled with some truly awesome and exciting news which will hopefully make The Shell Case a better blog to visit, not to mention result in a few more give-aways (huzzah!). And, as always, I wouldn’t have got this far without all the fantastic people who visit my blog everyday. So thank you one and all.