Warhammer Quest Returns

Veteran gamers like me will remember a simpler time when the Games Workshop produced a monster board game with dozens of models crammed, and the most mental experience and threat progression systems ever seen. A game whose rulebook was a quarter of the thickness of the bestiary. A game with four intrepid warriors and more plastic goblins than you could safely wave your hand it for fear you’d stab yourself to death. I refer, of course, to Warhammer Quest.

And it would seem that, despite Games Workshop accidentally deleting the master file all those years ago, it’s been revived. But this time in the form of a game exclusively for iOS (sorry Android and Windows users) by developers Rodeo Games. A teaser trailer has been released and more information can be found in their press release.

Slated for spring next year those going to Games Day this year will get to see the game in action but as more footage becomes available I’ll post it.