#ODAM 12 – The Structure Show

ODAMRoundel copyThis month’s installment of everyone’s favorite international podcast coalition sees us being unusually structured. With Jason our newly appointed content manager he tries, and fails, to stop the power going to his head. Ashley is preparing for Adepticon, Phil is babbling about some foreign gathering called Salute which is either a gaming convention or a gay nightclub, and we try to understand the latest bit of nonsense to come out of Nottingham. Nate also announces an important life event, which Jason and the boys promptly mock. Par for the course, really.

As always ODAM contains adult humour and language from the start.

Listen to Episode 12 here.


Forge World reveals Kharn the Bloody

I’m a big fan of the Horus Heresy novels. I’m also a big fan of the Horus Heresy range of miniatures that Forge World are producing. And whilst I sit patiently waiting for Roboute Guilliman, Corax and Lion’el Johnson to be released  I look at all the various tanks and other curio that get released with the detached appreciation of someone who has accepted an all Forge World pre-Heresy Space Marine army is something that’ll happen to other people. However when I heard word that Kharn was being released I did consider putting some money aside from my Salute fund to pick him up. Of all the various secondary characters in the series, he’s one of my favourites. Far more complex a soul than any could appreciate, his descent into madness is more poignant than most.

I’m not sure what I was expecting from the model but I’m a bit disappointed. Don’t misunderstand me, it’s a lovely model with some gorgeous, subtle, detail but I would have liked to see less of the mindless killer facet of his personality and more the rage forged master warrior. Basically I don’t feel like it does enough to separate him from the 1998 box of Khorne Bezerkers in pose. And the un-helmeted head is a bit sucky.

That said, it still looks pretty bad ass but sadly not bad ass enough for me to buy him. Kharn will be available on the 28th February 2014 priced £30.





Lorgar Coming Soon

He’s a tubby bastard isn’t he…clearly there’s a few votive pies in the Chaos pantheon.

Awesome model though. The mace is bag on and the armour and base is incredible.


Forge World Space Marine Raptor

So. Much. Awesome. And all for £95.00. Which, as much as I hate to admit it, I’d actually pay for this bad boy.

Space Marine Raptor

And as a bonus here’s the Deimos Vindicator too. A blast from my Epic past…

Forge World to release Ferrus Manus

Prepare, sons of Iron, you’re about to get a raging hobby on. For £55 you could own Ferrus Manus, primarch of the Iron Hands Legion. He’s not quite what I imagined but he still looks pretty bad ass. And combined with Fulgrim even more so. The armour is incredible and the backpack baffling. The nice thing is that the arms and hammer – the two most iconic part of the primarch haven’t been over done. They detailed and in proportion with the rest of the model but with some nice touches in there all the same. I suspect he’ll be available at Games Day so I’m sure the Forge World stand will be even more rammed than normal.

Feast your eyes on the snaps and at the bottom is a vid from Forge World talking about how the model came into being. Enjoy…


A Thousand Sons – Review

Cast your mind back. It’s 2002 and Games Workshop are preparing for the Eye of Terror campaign. A fledgling Black Library released Storm of Iron, a book by Graham McNeill, who at the time was perhaps best known for his work on the Games Workshop Design Team. It was good. Like, really good. The community’s reaction was pretty positive. Yet since then, it feels like that same community seems to have soured on him, if only for the crime of liking Ultramarines. [Fuckers! – Ed.]


For my own part, I’ve not always enjoyed everything Graham has written, but he’s one of the few writers that seems to be experimenting and testing his limits with each new book he writes. His books often don’t quite work for me, but his ability to mix of 40k battles and more nuanced exploration of the universe wins me over more often than not.

My pre ramble is important, because if there was a way of describing my gut feeling of A Thousand Sons, it’s “Mostly works, if not quite as much as it should”. It’s going to take the rest of this review to explain why.

Now, how go best go about it? If you are familiar with the history of the 40k universe at all, you will know the Fall of Prospero is one of the defining moments of the Horus Heresy. A Thousand Sons starts sometime before that and allows us to get to know the legion, as it explores the galaxy trying to increase mankind’s knowledge, which they see as the real purpose of the Great Crusade.  Censured at the Council of Nikaea for treading a dangerous path, events soon spiral out of control and the Imperium will never be the same again.

The main drive and focus of the book is secrets. Everyone has them, from our humble Remembrancers, the human element of the book, to Magnus, Primarch of the Thousand Sons himself. Even the Space Wolves, usually portrayed as being as subtle as an axe to the face, are keeping back something, which suits a book about a Legion that one day will become the servants of the trickster god Tzeentch.

The novel is certainly very effective at allowing you to empathise with the 15th Legion, as by allowing you to see their triumphs through to their lows, you gain a real sense of the tragedy of the situation, as two Primarchs refuse to back down from one another until it’s too late. Getting to see the glorious paradise of Prospero and how the Space Wolves appear as alien invaders allows for a great contrast to A Thousand Sons sister book Prospero Burns. It really makes you root for a legion that could otherwise come off as more arrogant and monstrous than the Emperor’s Children.

McNeill is good at penning an action scene and the description of the fall of Prospero as one continuous piece in the latter half of the book manages to capture both a personal scale of Magnus’ folly and the larger more epic of the war around him, that an event like the Horus Heresy demands. The only real failing of the book is its human characters. Whilst fairly prominent at the start of the novel, the Remembrancers seem to be lost and forgotten by the second half, until suddenly they become prominent characters at a time that is disruptive to the more interesting narrative of Magnus and his son’s discovery of Horus’ plans. By the time of the invasion the characters have any further involvement cut off, in a sentence that seems to hint they make it back to Prospero, without any follow-up. Perhaps my memory is faulty, but it’s an odd ending to characters that have been written to make us care about them, only to have them dropped as any hint of a future absent once the big fighting scenes kick in. [I think the point was that fate can call upon even the lowliest soul to change the galaxy, but be just as quick to discard them. But that’s just me. -Ed.]

All in all, apart from the odd bit of clunky dialogue, I really have no actual complaints about the book. It flows well, and Graham manages his usual trick of making each battle about more than just cool explosions and bolter porn. A real blast from start to finish and a nice counterpart to Dan Annett’s  Prospero Burns. It’s probably the best work I’ve read of Graham’s yet and I look forward to reading his further contributions to both the 30k and 40k universe.

A Thousand Sons is available via The Black Library as an E-book or physical copy, or is available from all good high street booksellers. And Waterstones.

Horus Heresy Book 2: Massacre Teaser Trailer

As if shit hadn’t got real enough in the first book, the second book in Forge World’s Horus Heresy series isn’t far away. Massacre steps off from the Dropsite Massacre and so will focus a lot on the Iron Hands, Word Bearers & Salamanders, with the Night Lords chucked in for good measure. The artwork looks stunning and it looks like we can expect more Primarch models. Which is very exciting.

Erebus & Kor Phaeron Unleashed

I don’t collect Word Bearers. I most likely never will collect Word Bearers. But bugger me do these models from Forge World look good! These leaked photos aren’t brilliant so don’t do the models justice, but they still look amazing.

Yearning…erebus korphaeron

ODAM 8 – Now with Added Content

ODAMRoundel copy

I’m not quite sure what happened with Episode 8. We were reduced to a skeleton crew either due to scheduling conflicts or Ashley not getting her emails. The result? Content. Now you all know how I feel about talking about actual things so I was eternally grateful when Jason joined in half way through the show.

With special guest Kevin Bryant (@KevinBryant76), we talk about Warmachine (a lot), the Horus Heresy and Special Characters. And I think there was some prattling on about fluff.

As always our shows have bad language from the start so it’s now for young ears. Or, at least, easily offended ears…

Episode 8 – Now with Added Content