Be a #HobbyEnabler

I was reminded of something that Erin (@sixeleven) said to me when I agreed to buy his Warhammer Fantasy rulebook off him, whilst I drove to collect it from the sorting office. He called me his ‘hobby enabler’. Presumably because the coins I parted with were going on something new and shiny that didn’t require the Warhammer Fantasy rule book. If it did then Erin’s a numpty. 😉

This got me thinking about the #warmongers community and how we’re always working on projects and, as a result, quite often looking to sell toys we no longer want, or can suffer to part with, to fund those projects. Because there’s a finite number of games and a finite number of factions within those games it occurs to me that amongst a community as big as ours we could save each other a lot of time and effort by being one another’s #HobbyEnabler.

The principle is simple; if you have some toys to sell pop the information up on the ‘For Sale’ part of The Shell Case forums, or even a blog post if you wanted to, and then post the link on Twitter with the hashtag #HobbyEnabler with a brief description of what it is you’re trying to punt. Folk can then get in touch and you can work out a deal.

The beauty of this idea is that the community is supporting itself by helping one another get new toys – either by buying or funding – which is a win. There could also be instances of a straight swap. Equally there’s no reason why #warmongers couldn’t put a ‘wanted’ post allowing buyers and sellers to find each other more efficiently.

I think it’s an idea that could work so hopefully you’ll all give it a go.