New Wood Elves White Dwarf Leaks

The internets are aglow with many wonderful pictures of the new Wood Elf releases due out in May.

First up we have the teaser video from Games Workshop themselves:

And then there are the lovely, lovely White Dwarf leaks from Saturday’s forthcoming issue, enjoy:






I don’t think it’s too early to say that Games Workshop have absolutely nailed this one on. The Treemen alone are enough to make me consider picking some Wood Elves up!


Lack of Pinterest

Some of you may have noticed a rather lovely winged P icon over on the right side of the blog. If you haven’t, it’s this…

TSC_Pinterest copyIf you haven’t you’d be entirely forgiven as I’ve been neglecting it of late and this is something I’d like to remedy. There is no shortage of lush and lovely wargaming art work and photography out there and I’d very much like The Shell Case Pinterest to become a big lovely image repository.


With that in mind, if you see an awesome looking wargaming image like the one above then please email it to or send me the link via the contact page. If I can get my act together sufficiently I’ll do prize draws for an image of the month.