More Leaked 40k Imperial Knight Images

The Imperial Knight really does look a bit awesome. And it’s release, judging by the cover shot below, is imminent. Spare underwear at the ready…

There’s a WIP shot of the kit below as well which gives you an idea of the scale, the posability of the model as well as the big shooty bang bang-ness of the weapons. And the copious amounts of air that you’ll trap inside the model once it’s built.WD-4-cover knight-100 knight-101 knight-102 knight-103

Imperial Knight Images Leaked

The rumours surrounding the Imperial Knights have been kicking around for ages. Since the rumours of the new Codex Space Marines start floating around in fact. Even to the extent that the rumours were pointing towards the Knight being in the Codex. As you know, we don’t get involved with rumours on The Shell Case so we’ve been waiting for some form of confirmation that the Knights are coming out. And now we have it.

I gotta say: they look pretty cool but also kinda like Warjacks…just saying. It is nice to see the Knights back in the 40k Universe. I had dozens of them back in my Epic/Titan Legion days. The recreation has been largely faithful which is kinda nice, but it’s good to see they’ve moved the design on.

I’m just braced for the price. Because it’s going to be a lot.

Knight1 Knight2