Wood Elf Art Leaked

It looks like all the naysayers and teeth gnahsers were dead wrong about the Wood Elves being amalgamated into the High Elves book. Indications the pointy eared tree hugging bastards are slated for a May release. Ian of The Chaps will be delighted.

Here’s some sexy artwork to prove it.


Leaked White Dwarf Astra Militarum Images

As the new Codex rumbles towards release as unstoppable as the Leman Russ battle tank it’ll no doubt over power, here’s the inevitable last-minute leaked images from the upcoming White Dwarf of the new shit for the freshly renamed Astra Militarum including the Wyvern. The badass twin brother of the equally badass Hydra. I make no bones: I want an army just for this kit. And the Valkyries.

WDCover OrderCards Regiments Wyvern2 Wyverndetail Hydradetail wyvern

Leaked 40k Terrain Shots

No sooner is there a leaked cover of White Dwarf showing a Void Shield Generator and my idle speculation that more scenery could be on the way, than these photos have hit the interwebs revealing Quake Cannon craters – which look way cool – and a couple more snaps of the Void Shield Generator.

Whilst I’m excited about the Void Shield Generator, the crater pip it for me simple because they’ll look ace in amongst the dozen or so ruined building kits I already have and will help tell the story of the ruined city I’m playing my games over. You can expect reviews from us on these just as soon as we can get our hands on them.

qcc1qcc3qcc2 vsg1vsg2


Forge World Horus Model Spotted?

I have absolutely no details, just this snapshot of a model that can only be the arch-traitor himself. Looking pretty fecking awesome. Whilst I’ve liked all the Primarch models none have moved me to the buy them. Until now. For the first time ever I can say I need this model…and the painting ability to do it justice.Horus

New Ogryn and Hydra Flak Tank Images Leaked

The Flak Tank looks awesome and is a welcome, and long-awaited, addition to the Imperial Guard arsenal. The Ogryns kinda look like the love children of Sloth from the Goonies…


Sloth Love Chunk…y guns.

Allegedly called Darog’s regiment the range includes a Ogryn officer – presumably Darog and a grizzled veteran type with a very well-kept moustache. The models are pretty heavily stylised, with lots of chap angles and lots of little nods towards the Ogre Kingdoms models. Particularly with regards to the footwear and a penchant for protecting the gut area.

Ogryn5 Ogryn4Ogryn3Ogryn2Ogryn1

The Hydra looks way cool. I can see this kit being a big seller as gamers the world over will want to add it to their Guard (Militarum) armies as well as make use of all the cool bits for conversions. I’d happily stick that turret on a Rhino. Sadly, from the picture, it looks like the rumoured replacement Guard is a fiction and the Basilisk, that could really do with an update, is also staying as is.HydraFlakTank

Leaked Imperial Guard Codex Cover

It seems that the Imperial Guard are no more. At least not in the sense that we’ve known and loved them all these years. It seems they are now the Space Army – or Astra Militarum. I suspect this is the catch all organisational term applied to the Imperial Armed Forces – so the Guard, the Munitorum etc etc.

Either way, the cover is gorgeous. This may have to be a purchase. And may well mean I finally collect my air cavalry army.


And just to emphasis the departure from the traditional guard here’s a shot of the new Taurox and the Tempestus Scions. The former looks like some God-awful kitbash from a WWII half track, some Sister of Battle kits, an Ork Wagon and a few spare Imperial components. Tha latter look like a merging of the awesome Kasrkin models and the atrocious original plastic Stormtrooper models. I strongly urge Guard players the world over to buy up as many Kasrkin models as you can because I think there’s going to be some quite iffy models to accompany this release.



It looks like this Codex could be the biggest army shake up ever.



More Leaked 40k Imperial Knight Images

The Imperial Knight really does look a bit awesome. And it’s release, judging by the cover shot below, is imminent. Spare underwear at the ready…

There’s a WIP shot of the kit below as well which gives you an idea of the scale, the posability of the model as well as the big shooty bang bang-ness of the weapons. And the copious amounts of air that you’ll trap inside the model once it’s built.WD-4-cover knight-100 knight-101 knight-102 knight-103