Leaked 40k Chaos Helbrute Images

After a loooooooooooong wait Chaos Space Marine players can rejoice that a multi-part plastic Helbrute is finally on its way. By the looks of the leaked photos below there’s only one body option but several head pieces so kinda like the plastic Venerable Dreadnought for their loyalist counterparts. And, of course, a bunch of weapon options including plasma cannons, big smashy hammers and big smashy fists.

Interestingly it looks like they’ve opted for corrupted versions of the current Space Marine Dreadnought rather than a pre-Heresy/Contemptor version. I’m not disappointed perse it just would have been cool to see a wibbly Contemptor Dreadnought stomping about gaming boards.



Imperial Knight Images Leaked

The rumours surrounding the Imperial Knights have been kicking around for ages. Since the rumours of the new Codex Space Marines start floating around in fact. Even to the extent that the rumours were pointing towards the Knight being in the Codex. As you know, we don’t get involved with rumours on The Shell Case so we’ve been waiting for some form of confirmation that the Knights are coming out. And now we have it.

I gotta say: they look pretty cool but also kinda like Warjacks…just saying. It is nice to see the Knights back in the 40k Universe. I had dozens of them back in my Epic/Titan Legion days. The recreation has been largely faithful which is kinda nice, but it’s good to see they’ve moved the design on.

I’m just braced for the price. Because it’s going to be a lot.

Knight1 Knight2



Warhammer Dwarfs Images Leaked

As the Dwarfs waddle their way ever closer to release the iffy snaps from White Dwarf have inevitably made their way on to the interwebs. By the looks of things we have a couple of gyroscope variations, an engineer and a heroic hero type chap. Overall it all looks pretty sweet, apart from the pilot, he looks a bit shit.dwarf-101 dwarf-202 dwarf-203 dwarf-204

Leaked Dark Elves Images

They’re blurry, poor quality and likely to give you a migraine but below is a whole heap of leaked Dark Elves images. There’s some interesting kits in there including a fooking massive Hydra, new Witch Elves, and a wheeled temple of Khaine type thing which looks aamzing. Looks like I’ll be collecting two Warhammer Armies…

Leaked Images of Space Marine Centurions


centurions2The rumours were true and thoroughly unsurprising as these dudes have been knocking around since the Horus Heresy collectible card game. And actually I’m quite impressed that they stayed as loyal as they did to the art work. Obviously the photos aren’t brilliant but I actually think these could be pretty cool….

Indicative price is 3 for £50 so start saving boys and girls.

And as a bonus, here’s a blurry shot of the anti-air craft Rhino Variant…

RhinoIf this is a stand alone I reckon it’ll be about £25. If it’s going to be rolled into the Rhino/Razorback box, it’ll be about £25…


More Lizardmen Leaks

Okay, some of these look pretty cool. In summary:

Carnosaur big. Bastiladon big and has a stupid name. Cool floaty skink priest bloke. Lots of flying things.

Carnosaur Carnosaur2 Carnosaur3 Carnosaur4 SkinkPriest TettoEko TettoEko2 GorRok GorRok2 Terradon TerradonCloseUps TerradonVariantBastiladon4 Bastiladon3 Bastiladon2

Lizardmen Leaked Images

You can almost set your watch to shonky images making their way on to the Internet just prior to the Games Workshop releasing something.

Maybe it’s all part of a cunning marketing campaign, maybe staff are disgruntled or maybe a handful of brave souls are willing to risk life and limb to provide us with some sense of what the company wants us to buy. Like some sort of office bound Batman and Robin/Red Robin/Red Hood/Nightwing.

Anyway, apologies for the terrible quality but it gives a taste.