Erebus & Kor Phaeron Unleashed

I don’t collect Word Bearers. I most likely never will collect Word Bearers. But bugger me do these models from Forge World look good! These leaked photos aren’t brilliant so don’t do the models justice, but they still look amazing.

Yearning…erebus korphaeron

More Lizardmen Leaks

Okay, some of these look pretty cool. In summary:

Carnosaur big. Bastiladon big and has a stupid name. Cool floaty skink priest bloke. Lots of flying things.

Carnosaur Carnosaur2 Carnosaur3 Carnosaur4 SkinkPriest TettoEko TettoEko2 GorRok GorRok2 Terradon TerradonCloseUps TerradonVariantBastiladon4 Bastiladon3 Bastiladon2

High Elves Images Leaked


There’s some pretty interesting stuff in this little leaky bundle including Eagle Chariots and a Phoenix which I think looks ace. Looking in the background of one of the shots those terrible spearmen kits haven’t been replaced. Which is a real shame.

Anyway, enjoy…

1366383219112 1366383413466 1366383477463 1366383643559 1366383826179 1366383902882 1366384070665 1366384241262 1366384435827

Tau Images Leaked

Well another new release and another set of shoddy photos taken by someone who got their hands on a White Dwarf before anyone else.

I did actually spot these at around 3am whilst trying to get the baby to settle but I didn’t think the wife would appreciate me pausing to blog about it…

This time it’s the Tau and huzzah, some new models. However, my worst fears have been realised; the Crisis Suits and Fire Warriors have not been replaced. So the two main units of the army remain dated and uninspiring which is an absolute crime. The Pathfinders and the Broadsides have had an update though.

The Riptide, yes it does say £50, is a fucking great mech, so that’s a win. A big one. With big guns.

tau2 tau1 tau3

White Dwarf Dark Angel Pages Leaked

Another month, another hacked off employee taking snaps on their mobile of the upcoming White Dwarf. Specifically the Dark Angel releases.

I’ve got to say, my feelings are mixed. The new Deathwing Terminators look pretty cool and have lots of conversion potential for other Chapters. The Ravenwing ‘Black Knights’ are a reboxing of the standard Ravenwing bikers with a few more baubles. And yes they all have plasma weapons. The air superiority flyer rumours were clearly true. And it looks pretty cool. The landspeeders on the other hand… They’re certainly bigger and meaner than they use to be but they have all the aerodynamics of a brick.