Inquisitor Returning?

As we’re approaching that time of year once more the rumour mill has made an abrupt gear change. All the indications were that the next limited edition boxed game would be Blood Bowl.

I, personally, wasn’t that excited because I’m not a fan of the game. I was when I was 12 but then I learned the importance of balanced rules and good models so quickly fell out of love.

But it seems that the limited edition release will, in fact, be…Warhammer 40,000: Inquisition. Although it’s welcome news that it’ll be something a little more original, it’s a bitter pill for many to swallow  considering the Specialist Games range has only just been sacked off.


From what I’ve found on various rumour sites the indications are as follows…

Inquisition is designed for 2-4 players and each side will use custom cards and dice.
Army sizes consist of about 5-10 models per side.
A whole new set of models drawn from Blanche artwork will accompany. No indication of scale yet.
The game should be flexible as you can make and design your own Inquisitorial retinue.
As for rules complexity that is anyone’s guess, but the general marketing goal for Inquisition is a gateway game into the greater Warhammer 40k universe.

Beyond that GW, seems to be taking cues from Kickstarter projects like Sedition Wars and home-brewed rules like Inq28 for Inquisitor. This also might not end up as a limited edition run, but that all depends on sales, and if any support is continued will be done through digital expansions and updates.
As it is that is all I have for now, but if my sources hold true expect more information as it comes!

Studio McVey Previews

The Studio McVey Blog

Studio McVey have previewed a couple of models that’ll be available at Salute this year. As I’m still riding high on my Sedition Wars buzz I can see myself handing Mr McVey all my money, a kidney, and possibly my first-born in exchange for these little beauties…

The first is the new miniature in the LE resin series – Ur-Fidyr – £18

The next two are previews for Sedition Wars miniatures – these are cast in high quality resin (just like the LE series), and are available in very limited quantities. Commodore Grist – £18 and Phaedrus Chirurge – £20.

So, yeah, gonna be buying these…

Corax: Soulforge Trailer

Okay, a little late to the party but it looks like there’s another limited edition Horus Hersy novels on its way and this time it’s Corax kicking some serious face. So…may have to get that. Because, you know, Corax…and face kicking…

Brotherhood of the Storm

The other day I posted a teaser trailer of an upcoming Horus Heresy novel (finally) about the White Scars. I speculated that it would be limited edition and, of course, it is. But on the upside they’re making it available for a week (21st – 28th September) rather than a limited run that sells out in a day. On the downside it’ll still cost you £40 including shipping. Below is a synopsis, some shiny images and an extract for you…

As word of Horus’s treachery spreads across the galaxy and with fully half of the Legiones Astartes turning their backs on the Emperor, Terra looks to the remaining loyalist Space Marines to defend the Imperium. One group, however, remain curiously silent in spite of efforts from both sides to contact them – the noble Vth Legion, Jaghatai Khan’s fearsome White Scars. In the ork-held territory of Chondax, a bitter war has been raging since the Triumph at Ullanor, and only now do the sons of Chogoris return their gaze to the heavens…

I liked Chondax. The planet that had given its name to the whole stellar cluster suited our style of war, unlike magma-crusted
Phemus or jungle-choked Epihelikon. It had big, high skies, unbroken by cloud and pale green like rejke grass. We burned across
it in waves, up from the southern landing sites and out into the equatorial zone. Unlike any world I had known then or have known
since, it never changed – just a wasteland of white earth in every direction, glistening under the soft light of three distant suns. You
could push your hand into that earth and it would break open, crystalline like salt.
Nothing grew on Chondax. We lifted supplies down from orbit in bulk landers. When they were gone, when we were gone again,
the earth closed over the scorch-marks, smoothing them white.
It healed itself. Our presence there was light – we hunted, we killed, and then nothing remained. Even the prey – the greenskins,
which we call the hain, others the ork, or kine, or krork – failed to leave a mark. We had no idea how they supplied themselves. We
had destroyed the last of their crude space-vessels months earlier, stranding them on the surface. Every time we cleared them out of
their squalid nests, torching them and turning the earth to glass, the white dust came back.
I once led a squadron a long way south, covering three hundred kilometres before each major sunset, back to where we had fought
them in a brutal melee that had lasted seven days and stained the ground black with blood and carbon.
Nothing remained as we passed over the site, nothing but white.
I checked my armour’s locators. Jochi did not believe me; he said we had gone wrong. He was grinning, disappointed to find nothing, hoping some of them might have survived and holed up again, ready for another fight.
I knew we were in the right place. I saw then that we were on a world that could not be harmed, a world that shrugged off our
bloodstains and our fury and made itself whole when we passed on.
That observation was the root of my liking for Chondax. I explained it to my brothers later as we sat under the stars, warming
our hands indulgently by firelight like our fathers had done on Chogoris. They agreed that Chondax was a good world, a world on
which good warfare could be conducted.
Jochi smiled tolerantly as I spoke, and Batu shook his scarred head, but I did not mind that. My brothers knew they had a poetical
character for a khan, but such things were not disdained by Chogorians as I had been told they were in other Legions.
Yesugei once told me that only poets could be true warriors. I did not know what he meant by that then. He might have been referring to me particularly or he might not; one does not ask a zadyin arga to explain himself.
But I knew that when we were gone, our souls made hot and pure by killing, Chondax would not remember us. The fire we warmed
ourselves by, its fuel brought down by lifter like everything else, which in the old fashion we would not extinguish with water nor
kick over when dawn came, would leave no stain.
I found that reassuring.

Studio McVey Unleashes Grizzel

I love Studio McVey. I love them  for the simple fact that whatever they create they do so with the utmost quality and care. Grizzel is no exception. Would you just look at the model below? It’s just awesome. Available in a limited 750 cast run it’s a little bit beautiful and at £24.99 it’s not an outrageous price. My only worry would be doing a paint job that did it justice…

Dreadfleet Unleashed

Today is the day folks; Dread Fleet has been released in limited quantities so if you want it you gotta be quick.

The premise, lifted from the Games Workshop website:

For two bleak decades the Undead reavers of Count Noctilus have plagued the oceans of the world. After each raid, the Dreadfleet disappears into its lair as quickly and silently as it appeared, far from the reach of Man. And yet there remains hope. Captain Jaego Roth of the Heldenhammer has vowed to hunt down and destroy Count Noctilus and his Undead captains once and for all. With him sail the most notorious and cunning of the pirate lords of Sartosa, each borne to battle upon a giant warship bristling with cannons, organ guns and bolt throwers. At the stroke of midnight on Geheimnisnacht, most forsaken of nights, the Heldenhammer and her companions sail into the realm of undeath known as the Galleon’s Graveyard. One by one, Count Noctilus and his vile allies move in to stop them.

It looks like some of the rumours were bang on the money with the ‘good guy fleet’ being an alliance of men, dwarves and elves and the Pirates are made up of various different ships including Tomb Kings and, rather surprisingly, a Chaos Dwarf mechanical squid. I imagine Spartan Games will be getting to them about that one… Oh and there’s a Skaven ship in there too. Which just looks mad as bat shit.

The box set includes:

  • 98-page Rulebook
  • Seascape Gaming Mat
  • 10 Warships
  • 10 Scenic Bases
  • 7 Cog Auxiliaries
  • 1 Dragon Auxiliary
  • 1 Dirigible Auxiliary
  • 7 Islands
  • 5 Shipwreck Pieces
  • 3 Sea Monsters
  • 5 Treasure Tokens
  • 12 Dice
  • 1 Wind Gauge
  • 2 Ship’s Wheels
  • 1 Navigation Rod
  • 10 Warship Cards
  • 55 Damage Cards
  • 40 Fate Cards
  • 12 Auxiliary Cards
  • 10 Wound Cards
  • 11 Miscellaneous Cards