Relic Reinforcements

Tor Gaming has released some shiny new models for their quirky stitch punk game; Relics.
Now I don’t know much about this game, something I’m hoping to remedy in the very near future.

So we have, for the Britanan’s fresh from the sewing machine, Marksmen. Which I have to say I love. The game from what I’ve seen oozes personality with every model having the heart and soul of the sculptor poured into it. I think my favourite detail on these little, gun toting patchwork bastards is the bionic eye. Because why the hell not?

The next release is the Grymman from the Orcnar. And what ugly buggers they are. The models look, again, like they’ve got lots of personality. On an entirely personal note, I think the colour scheme makes it hard to pick out the detail in the photo, but it’s still clear that these gurning critters mean business. And both sets are great value as one would expect from the chaps at Tor Gaming.

The Ratmen Stir

Forgeworld really are bonkers and thoroughly brilliant bunch of people. Their mandate has always been ‘make awesome stuff’ and as always, they don’t disappoint. It’s the Skavens turn to get some fresh gribblies in the form of a huge Exalted Verminlord and a thoroughly grim-looking Brood Horror.

I don’t collect Skaven. In fact they would be one of my least favourite armies to face thanks to some of the most unpleasant weaponry in the game. And in Mordheim they’re just a pain in the arse. Although nothing a few pistol shots to the face doesn’t solve. But anyway, below are some images from Fogeworld of these two new monster models. They come with an unsurprising price tag but I’ve never minded paying because what you’re getting is a big fat slice of fried awesome.

If you don’t believe me click here and tell me, if you’re a Space Marine player, you don’t want that model in your life.

Exalted Verminlord with its next victim for scale.

The Exalted is a not unreasonable £45.

The Brood Horror is, by the looks of it the Hellpit Abominations little brother…that’s not so little.

The Brood Horror is an acceptable £32 although a couple of casting flaws (like the feet) may make you wonder if it’s worth the money as you bodge and greenstuff your way through preparing it to paint.

A Grave Mind

I picked up the brand new Garden of Morr from my local Games Workshop today. I would like to make it clear that all I went in for was plastic glue to build my outstanding cruisers. I walked out with the plastic glue and the Garden of Morr.
And why? Because it’s fecking gorgeous.

I know I’ve not been terribly complimentary about the Games Workshop lately but this is more them as a company not the hobby. When I first saw the kit on the Games Workshop website I loved it and it fit in perfectly with the ‘Blood in the Barrows’ scenario that I wrote for Mordheim.

So, today, I walked in to my local store and saw the kit in the cabinet and immediately bought it. Because it’s lovely. Obviously not literally because that would make me mental. As a piece of terrain it’s just epic. 3 crypts, a statue, a gate and wall sections.

The length of the wall sections and the fact that the crypts are mounted on their own bases makes the kit nice and versatile. In Warhammer it can be a small feature or cover the end of a board. The crypts are small enough to be unobtrusive in a game but large enough to be objectives.

The detail is lovely. Skulls all about the place, the railings and the skull shaped gates are excellently done. The statue is perhaps my favourite part, making it a focal point or just a snazzy piece of terrain in its own right. Its ease of building (as with the entire kit) makes it perfect for those relatively new to the hobby.

My only criticism is there isn’t much in the way of variety. The only real choice is to leave things off like the gargoyles and grave stones, which kind of defeats the point. It’s really only a minor crumble for what is otherwise an excellent piece of terrain but it would have been nice for a few odds and sods.

For £25.50 it’s not bad value. There’s a lot of plastic in the box and the option of positioning the buildings wherever you want on the board makes it one of the best value kits available. Go buy it.