More Eldar Images Leaked

Two more little gems for you from the up coming White Dwarf of new Eldar stuff. Wraithblades and the new Eldar flyer, the name of which escapes me. I’m not convinced by the distinctly human design of the flyer. Looks a little bit like the Eurofighter in Space…


Heresy Era Space Marine Bikes

What with becoming a Dad two weeks ago, the associated fun and games having a baby brings and my renewed love of Civilization V, I have been utterly shit at keeping the site up to date. So in an effort to fulfil my obligations to you, my loyal readers, I shall try to blog more and be addicted to Civ less.

So what about them there Heresy Marine bikes? If I’m honest: I like em less and less the more I look at them. They don’t feel Marine enough. Weirdly, they kinda look like the should be for the Tau…

Plus, £45 for 3 is a little steep. A Land Raider is the same money and I know what would make me shit my pants more.