The Noobhammer Song

Today Jason (@noobhammerjason) of Noobhammer fame had had a shit day. Somehow, whilst trying to cheer him up, @Hitting_On_3s and I inadvertently tweeted what can only be described as a #Warmongers/Noobhammer version of the Tiger Song from The Hangover.

It tickled me so much I thought I’d share it with you all. I apologise in advance…

What do warmongers dream of, when they take a little ‘monger snooze?

Does he dream of mauling demons or Calgar in his termy suit?

Don’t you worry your pretty ‘monger head, we’re gonna get you back to Calgar and your cozy ‘monger bed.

And then we’re gonna find Noobhammer Jase, and then we’re gonna punch him in his Noobhammer face.

Jase, Jase, oh, Jase, Jaseie, Jaseie, Jase, Jase!

But if he’s been murdered by frenzon pumped cultists, well then we’re shit out of luck.

I thank you…

Warsculptor Sculpting Guide

Jason of Noobhammer fame has an alter ego in the form of Warsculptor because the mad bugger does commission sculpting. Well he’s sharing the knowledge with the community and put a tutorial for you all to enjoy. If you don’t follow Jase on Twitter as either of his personas you should, he’s an ace guy and is right with us in growing the community.

Anyway, enjoy…

Radio Ga Ga

An idea has been floated on Twitter that between myself and the guys behind War More Radio & Noobhammer produce an audio drama. Now the specifics haven’t been worked out. Specifically how we’d record it. Or how we’d do sound effects… I’m sure the list goes on. It may be that it’s too big a project and it doesn’t happen, but dammit it’s worth a try!

That aside, I have volunteered to write the script. Between the helpful tips given to me by Nick Kyme during his interview with me, and downloading a copy of Scrivener, I’m hoping that this won’t be too steep a mountain to climb.

The real question is; what is the audio drama going to be about? I’d like to keep it within the realms of Wargaming as it is, after all, what  we’re all about, but I thought I’d throw story suggestions open to community. Post you story suggestions here, on the forum or on Twitter with the hashtag #DramaticallyShellCase.

If we choose one of your ideas you’ll get a mention in the credits and you may win a prize. But it’s going to be a free download so don’t expect to get royalties. Keep you ideas to the equivalent length of a couple of Tweets. If we like your ideas we’ll contact you for more information.


I’ve had a little reshuffle on the left side of The Shell Case today, partly to add in a couple of new friends of The Shell Case, but also to add buttons for two wargaming podcats; Noobhammer & War/More Radio.

I’m not going to waffle on about what these guys are all about as I want to do them justice, but I highly recommend you have a listen. And as an extra special treat, the chaps over at Noobhammer landed an interview friend of The Shell Case and all round top bloke; Dan Abnett.

You can read my chat with the man himself here. To catch the interview with Noobhammer either pop over to their site for a listen or click below… It’s about 1hr 50mins in.

Noobhammer Podcast 16 feat. Dan Abnett