#ODAM 12 – The Structure Show

ODAMRoundel copyThis month’s installment of everyone’s favorite international podcast coalition sees us being unusually structured. With Jason our newly appointed content manager he tries, and fails, to stop the power going to his head. Ashley is preparing for Adepticon, Phil is babbling about some foreign gathering called Salute which is either a gaming convention or a gay nightclub, and we try to understand the latest bit of nonsense to come out of Nottingham. Nate also announces an important life event, which Jason and the boys promptly mock. Par for the course, really.

As always ODAM contains adult humour and language from the start.

Listen to Episode 12 here.


ODAM Christmas Special

ODAMRoundel copy

This episode is a bumper special edition that’s, well, long. The first half of the show is the official tenth episode that I sadly couldn’t be there for – but you should still listen to it. 😉

The second half is the Christmas show recorded the weekend before the big day.

As always ODAM contain adult language and humour and merry japes from the start and is intended for an adult audience.

Happy Holidays listeners.

ODAM Christmas Special