ODAM 8 – Now with Added Content

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I’m not quite sure what happened with Episode 8. We were reduced to a skeleton crew either due to scheduling conflicts or Ashley not getting her emails. The result? Content. Now you all know how I feel about talking about actual things so I was eternally grateful when Jason joined in half way through the show.

With special guest Kevin Bryant (@KevinBryant76), we talk about Warmachine (a lot), the Horus Heresy and Special Characters. And I think there was some prattling on about fluff.

As always our shows have bad language from the start so it’s now for young ears. Or, at least, easily offended ears…

Episode 8 – Now with Added Content

Post 600

I had planned on making my Dreadball review my 600th post but it seemed far more appropriate to once again extend my thanks to all my readers and followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Special thanks goes to Dave over on Miniature Musings of a Bear, Jason & Nate at Noobhammer, Adam & John at War More Radio and a bunch of other people who are too numerous to name. And to my sponsor Firestorm Games for supplying me with many shiny things to write about.

As ever I will continue to do my damnedest to bring you content you want to read about such as reviews, musings and rants (apparently they’re quite addictive reading), ever more entertaining podcasts over on Of Dice and Men and expand the Shell Case Alliance family.

Thank you all and have a wonderful weekend.

Of Dice & Men – Episode 2

It’s here, episode 2! Now with 200% more content!ODAM

In episode 2 of Of Dice & Men the team talk about their hobby, wargaming blogs that have caught their eye and the importance of background in the building and playing of a game, and does poor fluff mean poor army lists?

We also learn that Jason’s mental, Adam is a deviant, Nate is in a sulk and Phil goes off on a rant. Again.

Of Dice & Men Episode 2

Of Dice and Men

I am very excited to announce that I, with the guys from Noobhammer & War More Radio are launching the Of Dice & Men Podcast. Of Dice & Men will feature the five of us as a regular panel talking about various hobby topics and our intention is to regularly feature Bloggers and Podcasters from around the world to join in the discussion and have the piss taken out of them by me and Jase. You have been warned.

This is something Jase, Nate, John, Adam and myself have been working on for some time now and we’re all eager to see how the community receives it. If you’re interested in taking part in the show then fill out the form on the Of Dice & Men page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. At present we’re aiming to do just one show a month – mainly due to other commitments we all have to work around – so we may not be able to get you in straight away but we’ll do what we can.

A massive thanks to Nate of Noobhammer for all his recording and editing jiggery pokery.

Anyway, without further-ado I give you the first ever episode of Of Dice & Men…

Of Dice & Men Episode 1