Pins of War interviews makers of THON

Seb, that cheeky bugger over at Pins of War has done an interview with the developers of THON, the game I posted about yesterday. Funnily enough I also had an interview with them yesterday so you’re going to have to wait for that now otherwise it’ll just be boring.

Thon1Thon – or THON – is a new sci-fi game. It will premier on Kickstarter later this year. The setting tells of the conflict between the name-giving Thonians and their Ordhren enemies. Thon will allow players to take on this conflict not only in one, but three distinct games. It is a bold project, bound to break the mould of current miniature wargames. The people behind Thon the Game were kind enough to answer me a few questions…

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Pins of War Chaos Space Marine Give-away

Those fine chaps over at Pins of War are doing a truly awesome Chaos Space Marine painting competition.

First prize is nothing short of a Heldrake and second and third prizes are Warmill terrain kits. For more information on Warmill read my review here. Click on the shiny button above or here for more information on this fantastic competition.