Six Month Review

At the beginning of the year I wrote a post laying out my wargaming resolutions. As we’re now half way through the year, or near as dammiy, I thought I’d revisit them and see how I’m doing. So, here we go…

1. Paint fucking anything!

Hmm, not doing too well on this front. I partially painted a venerable dreadnought and a chaplain. I’ve managed to undercoat my Covenant of Antarctica fleet but I wouldn’t say that really counts. Although I have another scenery review in the pipeline so I shall have to paint that. Plus I’m hoping to organise a hobby day with The Chaps to paint Dystopian Wars stuff. But, to be honest, that’s a resolution to do a resolution, which is a little weak.

2. Finish Project Awesome.

Now this is actually going quite well. The core rules are pretty much finished which means it should be ready for playtesting in the next couple of months. I’m giving myself a slight extension on this so as long as I have Project Awesome completed within my 30th year of being on God’s green Earth I’ll call it a win.

3. Complete the Super Mega Awesome Shell Case Project.

This sadly has been canned. For reasons that are too tedious to go into it’s not happening. Sad but not the end. I hope that I can come back to it one day but we’ll see. On the upside; the time can be put into The Shell Case and Project Awesome instead. So it’s not all bad.

4. Make the Shell Case Shorts a regular feature and put togethe an anthology for Christmas release.

Well so far so good on this front. It won’t be a Christmas release for the anthology as the competitions are monthly (didn’t think that one through) but the Shell Case Shorts have become a regular feature. It’s been tough finding prizes, or even getting the community to take part but I shall keep at it.

5. Write more reviews.

Well I’ve certainly been doing that! And I’ve got 3 in the pipeline at the moment.

6. Organise the first, and hopefully not the only, Shell Case Beatdown for all my #warmonger chums.

This didn’t really pan out. Again the uptake in the community wasn’t what I had hoped. I might try and arrange a smaller, invite only, version as a starter and then see what might happen after that.

7. Forgive the Games Workshop.

I was doing so well on this one! And then they put their prices up again. To be honest I think I have forgiven, as far as I can. I still play 40k and the Specialist Games range and I love the fiction. I’m just not going to give them my money any more. Not directly at least. With stockists like Total Wargamer offering their stuff at as much as 25% off why by Bonaparte’s balls would I go direct?

8. And finally play a little less xbox and a little more toy soldiers.

This is actually going quite well. With the exception of Mass Effect I’ve been all about the toys. That’s been helped in no small part by the reviews I’ve been doing and The Chaps getting into Dystopian Wars. That’ll change when Halo 4 comes out but I’ll worry about that in November.

So that’s where I am. My big drive is Project Awesome but fear no The Shell Case will continue on its merry course. And, if anything it’ll be getting a lot busier on the blogging front, but more on that another time.

Project Awesome Logo

As the core rules to Project Awesome – aka Sol: Ascension are reaching completion – at least a point where they can be play tested – which is hugely exciting for me as this project has been running for a long time and so far I think it’s a strong and balanced game. There’s still lots to do but it feels like progress is being made.

To celebrate I thought I’d share the games WIP logo. Although I like it so much I may keep it.

The Good Ship Resolute

@jraferguson is proving quite the inspiration today. As he posted his new year’s (hobby) resolutions, I thought I would follow suit. So all aboard the good ship Resolute.

1. Paint fucking anything! I am the worst at finishing hobby projects. This is mainly because I have the attention span of an 8 year old but I also have little time and too many interests. So I resolve to paint something. Anything. Not even an army just a model or two.

2. Finish Project Awesome. Project Awesome has been a game in its 14th year now and has been rewritten 7 times because I always developing my skills as a writer, my knowledge as a gamer and learning design techniques to make it shiny. The final final final version is in development and it will be finished this year. Or…I don’t know, I’ll punch myself in the face and put it on YouTube for you all to watch.

3. Complete the Super Mega Awesome Shell Case Project. Obviously still under wraps at the moment but it’s steaming towards completion which makes me very proud. All I need to do afterwards is make it a success. Piece of piss right?

4. Make the Shell Case Shorts a regular feature and put togethe an anthology for Christmas release.

5. Write more reviews. Not alot to say about this one. It’s one of my very favourite things so I’d like to do more of them.

6. Organise the first, and hopefully not the only, Shell Case Beatdown for all my #warmonger chums.

7. Forgive the Games Workshop. This sounds a little silly butI spent last year being really angry at the company for all the changes and price increases but at the end of the day all that happened was I stopped enjoying games that I’ve enjoyed for over 20 years. Which is a bit daft really. Tbat’s not to say I’m going to start collecting lots of new armies, but I am going to stop worrying about it. And if I so choose to buy something then I have to accept the price.

8. And finally play a little less xbox and a little more toy soldiers. And maybe write a few new campaign packs along the way.

Have a happy, healthy and toy filled 2012.

Game Named

The votes on and offline have been counted for the naming of my game and winner determined. However, the winning name won’t be revealed just yet as I need to make sure I get all the bits and pieces sorted to make it mine. All nice and legal.

But anyway, another little something from Project Awesome; last time it was a prototype datafax, this week it’s prototype damage cards.

Copyright 2011 Shell Case Games. All rights reserved. Not for recreation or republication.

Copyright 2011 Shell Case Games. All rights reserved. Not for recreation or republication.

It’s great to see the game starting to take shape after such a long time in development. And with a creative mind onboard helping me with ship concepts and background I feel like the end, although still a year away at best, is a tantalising glimmer on the horizon.

Name My Game…Again

Some time ago I asked the question; would you name my game?

I’ll be honest, between this blog and The Shell Case forums the response wasn’t overwhelming but the votes I did get highlighted that the vast majority of the ideas I was having for names simply weren’t striking the right chord. So, after much thought and a rather helpful discussion with one of The Chaps I have the list below.

As before you can vote on the forums by clicking here. The choices are:

Conflict Helios
Helios Legacy
Sol Ascendant
Sol: Heritage
Other (please specify)
As a little treat I’ve also included a prototype datafax from Project Awesome, just for fun. Please remember that copyright/intellectual property rights rests with me so please don’t go thieving as I have and will continue to put a lot of work into this game and I’m hardly the big bad Games Workshop. That aside, I hope you enjoy…
Copyright 2011 Shell Case Games. All rights reserved. Not for recreation or republication.

Name My Game

Regular followers on Twitter and members of The Shell Case forums will know that I’m working on my very own wargame. Those closer to me will know that it’s been a labour of love for over a decade. Starting off as hand written rules and had drawn diagrams before graduating up to Word and MS Paint. The rules have been tweaked, tweaked some more before, in the current version, being ripped out and re-written. In truth there’s not much of the original that has survived. But I take that as a good thing because there’s been a steady evolution that will make Project Awesome, hopefully, an enjoyable game to play.

Now, the problem I have is that Project Awesome is without a name. It had a name for a long time but I never really liked it so it’s been dropped. There was the prospect of a new name but that’s all gone tits up. So, I thought I’d throw it open to the fine people of the Interwebs. Below is a list of potential names. I’d love to get your feedback either on the forum, a comment on here or on Twitter for what you think is the best name, or if you think of something else then please suggest it:

Fallen Empires
Dread Stars
Burning Skies
Burning Stars
Conflict Helios
Galaxy in Flames
Empires at War
Invasion: Legacy
Void Wars
Fleet: Conquest
Fleet: Armageddon
Constellation Wars
Solar Dominion
Solar Empires