Last Saga – Final Hours


So I owe the guys at Rocket Games an apology. I’d promised I’d write about the Beta rules of their game right back when their Kickstarter first…er…started. And whilst I read the rules I didn’t right about it. Or anything else. For almost a month. Can’t go into the whys and wherefores but it did mean I inadvertently dicked on a Kickstarter that I believe deserves every success. And they’re in to the last 2 days of their campaign.

Last Saga is 313% funded which is awesome. And having gotten to know the guys at Rocket I can say they deserve every penny and more. Having read the rules the game looks like a lot of fun. It has parallels with Bolt Action in the breakdown of actions but it has the flare of the cinematic as one would expect from a skirmish game, particularly one so driven by the narrative.


Which, for me, is Last Saga’s big draw. It holds a butt tonne of stock in the story it tells both in the pages and on the board. This is a very very very good thing. All the factions have a distinctive feel rather than the same basic force with a wardrobe change. There is, of course, the bevy of skills and upgrades that make the different bods fun and make the campaign the best bit about skirmish games. I love the diversity of weapons (and big armoured suits) and the fact that these soldiers feel the strains of war – again, much like Bolt Action and Saga. Games of fine pedigree to be inspired by.


Thanks to the success of the kickstarter thus far lot of models have been made available, all of which are on the kickstarter page. The rules are already undergoing revisions ready for release and models are being readied for production. It’s a very exciting time for the guys at Rocket.

Head over to the guy’s Facebook page to find out more about their game and then head to their kickstarter page to give them all the money.

Last Saga on Kickstarter


Today the Last Saga Kickstarter launches. A pretty dudey looking 32mm sci-fi skirmish game from Rocket Games. They’ve been hard at work teasing our pants off on their Facebook page and it’s all looking pretty sexy. It’s a brave move to go for 32mm over the more popular 28mm & 30mm. Hopefully there’ll be some cool scenery to tie it all together once the Kickstarter is done and dusted.


Their plan, with successful kickstarter backing, is to finish the 3D modelling process and produce rules and the two main factions – the Council and the Uruhvel to allow us to knock seven bells out of one another across a board. The renders so far look pretty tasty. A nice balance of a lot of my favourite sci-fi IPs. So fairly humble beginnings which is a refreshing change.

3Dmodel_A23Dmodel_A4And by the looks of things there’s a nice mix of hi-tech and occult/organic tech styling which can only mean some bonkers model options in the game. Which is nice.


We’ll be taking a look at the beta rules and chatting to the guys to find out more about Last Saga and the kind of face smashing goodness we can expect from the game in the very near future. But for now I think you’ll agree, the models are gonna be pretty sweet.

If you’d like to learn more or pledge your hard earned coin, click here.

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