FaQs are dead! Long live the FaQs!


One of the immediate hot topics of conversation (OK hobby rage) after the launch of the new Games Workshop web site was the notable absence of the FaQs section. Any attempt to access them via saved links was met with a pretty clear message:


Well it would appear that all is not lost. People are reporting receiving a common response to their enquiries to Games Workshop customer services about the missing FaQs which looks like this:

Thanks for the email regarding the FAQs on the new website.

Currently the FaQ’s are not available on the website, as the design team are taking this opportunity to fully update all the FAQ and Errata articles. This is only temporary and these FAQ’s will be made available again in the very near future. 

So, really it’s a case of “good news everyone!” as it would appear that not only are the FaQs not dead, they aren’t even just sleeping, they are getting a full refresh! Hopefully that’ll see some of the more glaring issues with some of the newer codices and army books dealt with (Lizardmen, I’m looking at you with your skink characters on terradons not being able to join units) and a nice fresh set of random rules (undead crumbling randomness, you know what you did) for us all to pore over.


Firestorm Armada Resources

Following on from my review of the Dindrenzi & Sorylian dreadnoughts for Firestorm Armada I thought I’d list all the various downloads you might need to use such ships should you decide to purchase them. Then I just thought; ‘why don’t I just list everything?’ So I do. Freshly robbed from the Spartan website, I give you Firestorm Armada downloads:

Additional Model Rule Downloads:

Escort Vessel Guide [PDF, 300KB] – A short document to go with our new Escort ships

Civilian Vessels [PDF, 300KB] – A guide to getting the most out of your new Civilian models

Escort Stat Cards [PDF, 125KB] – The game stats for Directorate, Relthoza, Terran, Dindrenzi, Aquan and Sorylian Escort Ships

Heavy Cruiser Stat Cards [PDF, 125KB] – The statistics for Directorate, Relthoza, Terran, Dindrenzi, Aquan and Sorylian Heavy Cruisers

Additional Civilian Vessel Rules [PDF, 175KB] – An additional document giving new rules for Civilian models (22/03/2011)

Asteroid Space Station Rules [PDF, 150KB] – Introductory rules for playing with military installations built into asteroids (23/03/2011)

Space Marauder/Pirate Rules [PDF, 150KB] – An additional document giving rules for using Marauder/Pirate models (30/03/2011)

Space Marauder Statistics [PDF, 125KB] – Statistic Cards for the Models (05/04/2011)

NOTE: A number of months ago we ran a competition to create a background and statistics for Space Pirates via the Spartan Games Forum. The winner, Ron, created a faction he called The Brethren of the Belt [PDF, 350KB].


Supplimentary Model Rules:

Aegis Class Shield R&D Cruiser [PDF, 175KB] – An A5 document with supplementary rules for this model (22/09/2010)

Directorate Tormentor R&D Cruiser [PDF, 150KB] – An A5 document with supplementary rules for this model (13/10/2010)

Relthoza Bane Class R&D Cruiser [PDF, 150KB] – An A5 document with supplementary rules for this model (13/10/2010)


Alliance Fleet Documents:

Model Assigned Rules (MARs) [PDF, 200KB] – Rules to give your Alliance Ships a different Battlefield Flavour (05/04/2011)

This document also tells you what MAR rules can be retro-fitted to models from the core six fleets that can be found inside the Firestorm Armada Rule Book.

Zenian League [PDF, 200KB] – Zenian League Fleet Rules (30/03/2011)

Zenian League Stats [PDF, 100KB] – PDF list of Stats for the first Zenian expansion ships. Note, these are WIP and some ships are missing their final names. These will be added shortly, but for now please feel free to peruse the Stats (05/04/2011)

Alliance of Kurak [PDF, 100KB] – Alliance of Kurak Fleet Rules (30/03/2011)

Alliance of Kurak Stats – PDF list of Stats for the first Alliance of Kurak expansion ships. Note, these are WIP and some ships are missing their final names. These will be added shortly, but for now please feel free to peruse the Stats (05/04/2011)

NOTE: Several of the documents above are still being finalised, so information will be prone to changes.


A5 Double-Sided Fleet Information Guides:

The following documents are what we call Fleet Information Guides, or FIGs. On one side of a FIG is the assembly instructions for a fleet and on the other side are the latest Statistics that you can use when playing the game.

Aquan Prime [PDF, 350KB]

Terran Alliance [PDF, 325B]

Sorylian Collective [PDF, 375KB]

Dindendri Federation [PDF, 375KB]

The Relthoza [PDF, 375KB]

The Directorate [PDF, 375KB]

Race and Tactics Background Documents:

Firestorm Armada Fleet Tactics Guide [PDF, 300KB]


Errata, Reprint and Clarifications:

Please check the inside back cover (labelled Acknowledgements) to see if it says “FIRST REPRINT” at the bottom of the page. If you do see this, please use these documents (July 2010):

Reprint Document [PDF, 150KB]

Clarification Document [PDF, 350KB]

Errata Document [PDF 150KB]


Dreadnoughts & Destroyers

We have provided PDF downloads (below) of each of the Dreadnought and Destroyer Stat Cards. You will also find the MARs and Rules after these for download too.


Aquan Medusa Class Dreadnought [PDF 250KB]

Dindrenzi Retribution Class Dreadnought [PDF 250KB]

Directorate Persecution Class Dreadnought [PDF 250KB]

Relthoza Apex Class Dreadnought [PDF 250KB]

Sorylian Broadsword Class Dreadnought [PDF 250KB]

Terran Titan Class Dreadnought [PDF 250KB]


Aquan Stingray Class Destroyer [PDF 250KB]

Dindrenzi Trident Class Destroyer [PDF 250KB]

Directorate Nemesis Class Destroyer [PDF 250KB]

Relthoza Venom Class Destroyer [PDF 250KB]

Sorylian Kestros Class Destroyer [PDF 250KB]

Terran Artemis Class Destroyer [PDF 250KB]

Dreadnoughts & Destroyers – MARs & Rules:

MARs & Rules [PDF 400KB]