Massive Codex Space Marine Q&A

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I’m not even going to pretend I had anything to do with this. It’s shamelessly robbed from someone else’s site but it covers so many questions that I had to share it despite my policy on rumours. This set of Question and Answers have come from 40k Radio and compiled by others. 40k Radio apparently have a Final Print Copy, which is very close to the finished product so the information below should be fairly accurate.

This is done in two sections, the first, is the most recent and the shortest. A previous Q&A is listed below. Basically there is just tons of information so make sure you’ve got the time to read it. Or, for those at work, doesn’t have a pressing deadline…

via 40k radio and compiled by Zion from Talkwargaming

Q: Is it true that what you guys have is an early playtest material, not the actual printed C:SM codex?
A: I have the final print copy.

Q: Are their any new Special Characters?
A: No.

Q: Is honour guard still 3-10 models, or only available as 5 models similar to command squads or BA honour guard?
A: 3-10

Q: Is relic blade still S+2 AP3 two-handed?
A: Yes

Q: Do Legion of the Damned get Soulblaze like in Apoc?
A: No

Q: Can the LotD still Deep Strike?
A: Yes

Q: Does the LotD still have Slow and Purposeful?
A: Yes

Q: Can the LotD be joined by characters?
A: No

Q: Does Cassius have the Zealot rule?
A: Yes

Q: Do the AA tanks have an alternate fire mode that lets them shoot at ground targets?
A: No, only one firing mode

Q: Can child chapters take the SCs of their parent chapters?
A: No (those are unique to their chapter)

Q: Can Pedro and Lysander be in the same army without using allies?
A: No (CF is one chapter, IF is another)

Q: Are Techmarines slotless HQs like the DA book?
A: Yes

Q: Can Captains still take Artificer Armor?
A: Yes

Q: Do Sternguard combi-weapons still cost 5 points?
A: No, they’re 10 points

Q: Does Helbrecht have any other special rules besides the once a game rule that gives fleet/hatred?
A: No

Q: What is the cost of a five man scout squad with a Vet Sergeant?
A: 65 Points

Q: Any changes on Kantor’s rules?
A: Basically the same (will be covered on show)

Q: Do bikes and centurions get combat squads rule?
A: Bikes yes, Centurions no.

Q: Is there is any vehicle able to get grav weapons?
A: No

Q: Are neophytes of crusade squad an independent squad that can join the main unit as it was rumoured, or crusade squads are a full unit option?
A: No, like last BT Dex.

Q: Is there option for crusade squads of getting two special weapons?
A: No.

Q: If one crusader squads takes a CLR as transport, it has any point cost reduction?
A: I don’t have the BT Dex to check.

Q: Have black templars access to biker scouts?
A: Yes. They have access to everything except Librarians.

Q: Marneus Calgar “God of War” rule is still in there? Has it been replaced by the 3 warlord traits rule?
A: It’s different and cool (will be covered on the show).

Q: How many points cost a grav-gun as special weapon on a tac squad?
A: 15 points.

Q: How many points are the lascannon and missle launcher upgrades on the Centurion Devastators?
A: Lascannon is 10, Missile is 10

Q: How much do Relic Blades Cost?
A: Chapter Master and Captain get it for 25 points.

Q: Does the codex include a Power Field Generator (DA Wargear that generates a 4++ for a unit)?
A: No

Q: Can Tactical Marines take a Special Weapon at 5 models?
A: A Squad of 5 can have a special weapon or heavy weapon.

Q: Can Calgar still take up to 3 units of Honor Guard?
A: Yes

Q: Additionally, does his still have the rule that lets him choose to pass or fail morale checks at will?
A: Yes (more in the show)

Q: Are Black Templar Characters required and/or accept challenges?
A: Not required, but they will be sick in challenges

Q: Bikes squads that can be made troops, a minimum of 5 models or 5 models max? there is some conflicting sounding information so people just want to confirm.
A: At least 5 (max 9 with Attack Bike) and if your Captain or Chapter Master is on a bike you make take them as troops.

Q: So Chapter Masters on bikes can unlock bike squads of at least 5 models as troops too?
A: Yes.

Q: Do LotD still have their 3++ save?
A: Yes

Q: Can the Bikers take the grav gun options?
A: Yes

Q: Can Scout Squads take locator beacons or teleport homes?
A: Teleport Homers.

Q: Does Shrike have any other rules?
A: No.

Q: Do Chapter Tactics cost anything?
A: No.

Q: The Stalker, does it have 4 shots total that it can split fire with or does each gun fire 4 shots each?
A: 4 shots each (this will be covered on the show)

Q: Do any of the SC’s have Stubborn or Fearless?
A: No

Q: Does the Emperor’s Champion take up an HQ slot?
A: Yes

Q: Does Sicarius still re-roll his Sieze Initiative attempts?
A: No

Q: Any change to Razorbacks?
A: I believe they went up 5 points

Q: Does the Ultramarines Tactical Chapter Tactic affect Sternguard special ammo?
A: I believe so.

Q: Also, are bike upgrades for Space Marine Captains cheaper?
A: I think the upgrade stayed the same.

Q: Are normal bikes cheaper?
A: Yes

Q: Are all these answers from an early rendition or playtest and subject to change? Or are these concrete answers from a full codex?
A: The book I have looks like the final. If this is a fake then a ton of effort has gone into this.

Q: Is there any way to assault from vehicles besides assault ramps on land raiders and stormravens?
A: The Land Speeder Storm.

Q: How do Successor Chapters work exactly?
A: This will be covered on the 1 Sept show. The answer is really long and it’s easier to just explain it verbally than type it out.

Q: If you have two different chapters that use the same chapter tactic, can they ally to each other?
A: This will als be covered on the 1 Sept show.

Q: How do Camo Cloaks work?
A: +1 to cover, or 6+ cover if not in cover

Q: Can any of the HQs get Camo Cloaks?
A: No

Q: Is there a way to get Eternal Warrior?
A: Yes (will be covered in show (Zion’s Speculation: It’s a Relic))

Q: Can any of the HQs buy any special rules?
A: No

Q: Do the HQs still have access to Hellfire rounds?
A: No

Q: Can we get a rundown on what Grav Weapons will cost?
A: Grav will be on the show.

Q: In 5th Edition you were encouraged to use SCs as “Count-As” special characters to give you some new/interesting combinations. Is there anything in the new book that allows you to do this?
A: You can no longer do that due to Chapter Tactics.

Q: Just to confirm, this means the Camo Cloaks and the Raven Guard Chapter Tactic stack, right? +2 to their cover saves for having both?
A: They do stack, but there is a caveat to the Raven Guard rule that will be covered on the show. All Chapter Tactics will be covered on the show.

Q: BT High Marshal (Chapter Master equivalent?) Helbrecht has no Orbital Bombardment, but BT can take a “regular” Chapter Master and get the OB from him?
A: Correct, Helbrecht does not have it, but regular Chapter Masters do.

Q: Have Razorback weapon upgrades gotten cheaper, more expensive or stayed the same?
A: Some went down.

Q: How much do Relic Blades cost for Honor Guard?
A: 10 points.

Q: You mentioned that the Raven Guard Chapter Tactics have a caveat. Do all the Chapter Tactics have special caveats in how they can be used?
A: No, there are other rules for RG we didn’t mention.

Q: Do these caveats require certain minumum requirements of units or wargear?
A: No.

Q: Are the Drop Pods priced like the DA ones (to include upgrades)?
A: Similiar.

Q: When making an army, are you required to take a chapter trait?
A: Yes.

Q: Is the Exorcists Chapter covered in the list of different Marine chapters/successors in the book?
A: Yes, there is a small blurb, but the do not have a parent chapter.

Q: Are any of these caveats negative things (like the old 4th edition flaws)?
A: No. The caveat is we have not revealed all the abilities for some chapters.

Q: Is there any clue you can give us on the nature of these caveats?
A: There are many layers to the CTs (no negatives).

Q: Did the points cost change for Power Weapons?
A: Generally the same, per units choices.

Q: Did the points cost change for Power Fists?
A: PF same.

Q: How much do Crusader Squads pay for Power Weapons?
A: 15.

Q: Can the Initiate in a Crusader Squad take a Power Fist?
A: Yes at 25 points.

Q: How does the limit for the extra power weapon in the Crusader squad work. Is it just 1 Initiate or is it 1 per X number of models in the squad?
A: 1 Initiate and then upgrade one to Sword Brother and you can get another.

Previous QnA
Q: How do scouts look?
A: The scouts went down 2 points and they can now take a Storm as a dedicated transport. They mostly stayed the same.

Q: How about Marines?
A: Tactical Marines are 14 points each.

Q: What do Raven Guard get?
A: Raven guard get stealth and the ability to use their jump packs in the movement and assault phase.

Q: What are the Imperial Fists chapter traits?
A: IF get bolter drill and that allows them to re-roll any 1s, it does not work with sternguard special rounds. Also Devs and Centurion Devs get Tank Hunters special Rules with a +1 on damaging buildings.

Q: What did Salamanders get?
A: Sallies get to re-roll any failed armor saves from flame based weapons, also with their flame weapons they get to re-roll any failed wounds or armor penetration that fail to cause a penetration or glancing hit. Also any character gets to master craft one weapon for free points.

Q: What’s up with the new tanks?
A: both weapons are S7. The Hunter is AP2 and has armorbane so it should handle most flyers out there.

Q: What do the Templars look like?
A: Vows are gone. BT come with Chapter Tactics just like all the other marine army. One allows you to re-roll to hits rolls and rending, when you’re in challenges. The other one gives you Adamantium Will and Crusader. Also their ally matrix did not change.

Q: How do homebrew/unknown lineage chapters work?
A: If you’re an unknow founding or a home brew chapter you can pick what Chapter Tactics you want.

Q: What’s the situation with Crusader Squads?
A: The crusader squads are cool because you can have up to two power weapons in the squad, if you take a Sword Brother. The Initiates are fourteen points and come with bolter, bolt pistol, frag, and krak. You may exchange the bolter for a ccw for the price of free.

Q: Any new wargear (along the lines of auspex from DA codex)?
A: There is new wargear for Chapter relics, 6 of them.

Q: How high is the rate of fire for the other AA tank?
A: Stalker has RoF 4 and the Hunter has RoF 1.

Q: Can you please confirm whether or not pure bike armies are no longer legal to field?
A: No you can not. You get the option to take 5 bikes as a troop if your captain has a bike, also your command squad can have bikes.

Q: Are storm ravens/storm talons in the book. or are we required to use “Death from the Skies”?
A: Yes they are in the book and you do not need Death from the Skies.

Q: Do UM retain their “fall-back from combat and may act normally” ability? Thanks in advance!
A: No that rule does not exist anymore. Like all the chapters their Chapter Tactics are set.

Q: What is going on with the Emperor’s Champion?
A: The Emperor Champion is and HQ choice and for his points will be a good character hunter. Those abilities no longer exist, they’re just gone. The chapter Tactics they get are called “Accept any Challenge, No Matter what the Odds” and “Crusaders”

Q: Does special characters still add the USRs/special rules that they have in this codex to your army/squad? EX: Shrike and Infiltrate? Pedro and +1 Attack aura?
A: Yes some SC still have USR that boost their army.

Q: Is it finally possible to take jump packs for our command squads?
A: No, Only bikes.

Q: Can you confirm/disprove the “special” Rhino variants that were rumoured? EX: Medical, Recovery, etc.
A: Those do not exist. That was wish listing.

Q: Could you shed some light on the UM special rules?
A: Ultra marines are a little lengthy but they choose the doctrines of Tactical, Assault, or Devstator. The Tactical detachment re-roll ones, unless they’re tactical marines and they re-roll all failed to hit rolls in the shooting phase. The Assault detachment re-rolls charges, unless they’re assault squads, bikes, attack bikes and they get fleet. The Devastator detachment get to re-rolls on snap shots and overwatch shots, unless they’re Devastators and they gain relentless as long as they’re not disembarking from a transport in the movement phase.

Q: Are there any special banners that can be taken? EX: Banner of Devastation from DA Codex, etc.
A: No, that is more wish listing. You can have the good old Chapter Banner.

Q: Did sternguard special ammo change at all?
A: Remained the same, SG went down to 22 points

Q: Are there any other scoring units besides sternguard, tac, and scouts?
A: Only Tac and scouts. SG if you take Kantor and 5 man bike squad if you take a Captain on a bike.

Q: Any changes at all to the Black Sword or is the EC just some sort of challenge monkey now? I wonder what “for his points will be a good character hunter” could mean.
A: EC has an AP2 sword striking at initiative and if you add the BT Chapter Tactics be becomes a challenge machine. He also has 2+/4+.

Q: Thank you so much, a final question, the BT situation sounds like we were better off with a 4th ed codex, do the special characters give anything special? What does Helbrecht and Grimaldus look like and do for the army?
A: No they do not add anything. They’ve been basically upgraded to 6th ed. For a BT will be happy with all the options they will have.

Q: Just out of curiosity, does Accept any challenge give them rending in Challenges, or allows them to reroll rending throws?
A: They have rending.

Q: Is there any way for Templars to have access to CC boosting USRs via characters?
A: Once per game Helbrecht can give Hatred and Fleet in the Assault phase. It only works on units with Chapter Tactics(Black Templars)

Q: Any idea if the Champion is still BT-only or they opened it up for other chapters that have them in the fluff (IF and CF for example)?
A: EC are only for BT armies.

Q: Is that 3-5 man bike squad as troops, or 5-10 man bike squads to count as troops? Also, is the attack bike still an upgrade to a bike squad, as well as a separate choice?
A: Its a 3-5 man. You can upgrade one to an attack bike.

Q: how big can a crusader squad be?
A: Up to 10 Initiates and up to 10 Neos.

Q: what USRs do Helbrecht and Grimaldus provide?
A: Grimaldus gives Zaelot

Q: what units are restricted to Templars?
A: Only librarians

Q: how do Castellans work?
A: You pick either a SM captain, Chapter Master or Termie Captain.

Q: Does the Emperor’s Champion’s sword still have the +2 to strength in addition to being AP2?
A: Yes if you pick that stances, but counts as two-handed. the other stances gives you rending.

Q: And does the 4++ invulnerability now work outside of close combat, too?
A: Yes he is always 2+/4+.

Q: can castellans/marshals take command squads
A: Yes they can take command squads, but they are just Captains now.

Q: can Helbrecht take an honor guard
A: Yes because he is a Chapter Master

Q: what USRs and where in the Force Org chart are normal chaplains
A: Chaplains are HQ and Zealot.

Q: which HQ choices actually take up a slot, and which ones don’t
A: Chapter Masters, Captains, Chaplians, and Librarians. BT can not take librarians.

Q: did the costs of dedicated transports change?
A: Only major change to dedicated transports is the Storm moving there.

Q: also, do you mind sharing any changes to devestator costs or the potential load-outs for tac squads?
A: Devs went down. Close to Dark Angel book.

Q: any way to get 2 special weapons?
A: No way to get 2 specials.

Q: Are grav weapons solid shots or blast? Do they have any other special rules ex: haywire?
A: Solid shot and they have concussive

Q: Any improvements to dreads?
A: Dreads are basically the same.

Q: Are the whole range of Ultramarines Special Characters still in there?
Calgar, Tigurius, Cassius, Chronus, Telion, and Sicarius?
What do they do nowadays?
A: Yes all Ultra characters are in and are Virtually the same. Calgar can take three Warlord traits and went up in points. He’s a beast.

Q: If BT indeed use regular SM Chaplain entry, do the chaplains have two or three wounds, and two or three base attacks?
A: W2 A2

Q: Does Lysander give any special rules?
A: No. He went up in points but he is still gnarly.

Q: Can Sternguard become Troops?
A: No they can not. Kantor allows them to be scoring.

Q: Does Lysander still have Eternal Warrior?
A: Yes, he still has EW.

Q: You covered BT, UM, Ravenguard, Fists, Salamanders, and Iron Hands. Is that all of the chapters? Or are there more special chapter rules for other chapters?
A: If you play a successor chapter you will use the Chapter Tactics of the Founding Chapters. The codex covers a lot of the successor chapters.

Q: So to confirm, you can’t take an all bike army?
A: Yes but you have to take 2 captains so you can get two bike squads to be troops.

Q: Any change to Honor Guard?
A: They went down in points. That is their big change.

Q: Is there any way to get an extra attack on tacticals? Such as a combat blade?
A: There is no way to do that.

Q: Did Vindicators change in price or function?
A: Right about same points. No big change, basically the same.

Remember that CF with use the Imperial Fist Chapter Tactics.

Vanguard Veterans are 19pts without jump pack and 22 points with jump pack. Heroic Intervention does not work the same as last codex.

Q: Can we just get the whole Centurion statline out of the way once and for all?
A: WS/BS 4 S/T 5 W2 I4 LD8/9 Sv 2+

Q: Any changes to Shrike or Kor’sarro?
A: Shrike can only infiltrate with jump infantry.
Khan give scout to bikes and mounted troops. His bike does D3 Hammer of Wrath hits.

Q: For salamanders. Do flame weapons include melta and flamestom cannon. Also what does vulkan do for the army?
A: Only for flame weapons covered on page 56 of the Rulebook. Meltas get twin-linked if you take Vulkan.

Q: For BT Chapter tactics, is the reroll and rending only in a challenge? Or is it reroll all the time and rending in challenge?
A: Yes that is only in a challenge. When in a challenge you get to re-roll your To Hit rolls and all attacks have rending.

Q: How many attacks do the Centurians have?
A: 1A and Sgt 2A. The drills give a bonus attack to the assault version…

Q: Would you happen to know if the capacity on the land raider is still 12?
A: LR = 10, LRC = 16, and LRR = 12

Q: Are there terminator command squads?
A: No Termie command squads.

Q: What buffs does Lysander have other than EW?
A: Gives all units in 12″ with Chapter Tactics (IF), re-roll on morale and pinning test.

Q: So only characters benefit from the BT chapter tactic?
A: Yes for challenges. Your army also gets Crusader USR and Adamantium Will USR.

Q: What does Grimauldus specifically give? You mentioned Zealot, is that army wide?
A: No army wide rule. Zealot USR works for him and the unit he is in. If a units is within 6″ of the servitors they get a 6+ invul.

Q: Any special characters for Iron Hands?
A: No Iron Hands Characters.

Q: Any changes to the Master of the Forge?
A: Master of the forge is almost the same. He will get “It Will not Die” USR and a 1+ to Blessing of the Omnissiah from the IH Chapter Tactics.

Q: Is it possible to give the MoF invl save now? < big iron hands player wanna run a themed force with ironfather HQ but i think ill need the invl for CC
A: Looks like 6+ FNP will be the best you can get unless you take a Chapter Relic, which gives a 6+ invul.

Q: Is that +1 to the blessing for IHs a specific rule of the MoF or part of the IH traits that applied to all techmarines?
A: +1 is only for IH Chapter Tactics

Q: And does bolter drill still work on all bolt weapons (minus the sternguards) or just rifles/combirifles?
A: All Bloters on page 56 of Rulebook and combi-wepon bolters. You can not use it on the special ammo that the sternguard use.

Q: What are the White Scars Chapter Traits?
A: +1 to jink save, Auto pass on dangerous terrain, +1 to Hammer of Wrath attacks, Hit and Run except for termies and both sets of Centurions.

Q: What does Khan do?
A: He gives Bikes and Transports the Scout USR

Q: What are the options for the Crusader Squads?
A: Crusader squads are basically the same as last BT. You get the option of a Sword Brother upgrade(Vet sgt). So you could put 2 power weapons in one squad. There can still be up to 20 models in one unit.

Q: Has Marneus Calgar changed at all?
A: Calgar gets three warlord traits, his armor does not prevent him from preforming a sweeping advance, and he went up in points. He’s a supreme badass but you pay for it.

Q: Are those big fists on the shooty Centurions powerfists? What about the assault version- do they strike at initiative because they have Ironclad assault launchers?
A: Centurion Devs do not have PF. The Assult Centurions do strike at initiative, the drills are not unwieldy.

Q: Are black templar’s still prohibited from allying with non-grey knight psykers? (Sanctified Psykers, Inquisitors with Psionics, etc)
A: BT are still Ally of Convenience. You will still follow the rule book.

Q: And does the Emperor’s champion take up a force organization slot?
A: No.

Q: What chief librarian tigurius? Is going to give other pysker’s a run for their money?
A: I think Tigurius is easily the most improved SC. He will be very tempting for Ultramarine players and he comes in relatively cheap. Overall A+ over last edition.

Q: Can the Emperor’s Champion be taken as the Warlord?
A: Yes because he is taken as a HQ choice.

Q: Is Calgar above 300 points?
A: Calgar is 275

Q: Have TH/SS termies gone up in price?
A: TH/SS Terminators cost +5 points

Q: What’re the rules for the Assault Centurion’s drills?
A: S9 AP2 Melee, Specialist Weapon, armorbane, strikes at initiative

Q: What is Grimaldus’ stat line like? Any variations from a standard chaplain? And does he have anything like Eternal warrior or IWND?
A: He has “It will not Die”, no EW.

Q: Any special BT items or upgrades?
A: Nothing special for Black Templars, you just get the full access to the codex. So you get Vanguard, Sternguard, Centurion and so on. You have the ability to put multiple power weapons in crusader squads. One is a non-character which can not be challenged. You get to hide a power weapon.

Q: Is there any limitations to the EC? Can anybody take one?
A: EC can only be taken by BT and they’re a HQ choice.

Q: Is a “Castellan” a BT sgt in a vet squad?
A: Castellans are gone. Vet Sgts are Sword Brothers.

Q: Mind a rundown of the 6 Chapter Relics?
A: he relics consist of two swords, one bolter, set of armor, one storm shield and one banner.

Q: Are there Space Marine Warlord Traits?
A: Yes, one chart for all armies.

Q: Does Imperial Fist Bolter drill give rerolls to hit and to wound of 1? Or just to hit?
A: To hit rolls of 1′s.

Q: Is Telion cheaper/different?
A: Telion is the same points and all updated with sniper rules for 6th

Q: Same with Chronus? Is he worth considering now?
A: Chronus is cheaper but still not worth it. Just increases the BS by 1

Q: Is the basic Chapter Master differentiated from a Captain with more than orbital bombardment?
A: CM has A4 and W4 and access to honor guard as command squad.

Q: Does the command squad of a master have better/different options than a captain?
A: It’s Honor Guard.

Q: Is the Storm Raven more expensive in these new rules? Different in any other ways?
A: Storm Raven stayed 200 points.

Q: What sort of special tricks does Tigirius bring to the list?
A: Tight is ML 3, knows all disciplines, he can re-roll his dice when determining his psychic powers, he can re-roll reserves(even successful ones), HoH is a psychic hood and he can re-roll failed psychic test.

Q: are drop pods still 12 to a pod?
A: Dop pod is back to 10.

Q: Landraider redeemer the same?
A: LRR is 12

Q: How is Heroic Intervention different?
A: They do not get the penalty for disordered charge and Sgt auto passes initiative check for Glorious Intervention.

Q: Two small questions on the new tanks: what are their AV values? And do either of them have interceptor?
A: AV 12 12 10 and no interceptor, I repeat no interceptor.

Q: Do the Vanguard Veterans still get to assault the turn they deep strike jump packs then?
A: No. That rule is gone.

Q: How many wounds and attacks does Grimaldus have?
A: Grim is W3/A3

Q: And are Reclusiarchs in the codex?
A: Reclusiarchs are gone. There is one Chaplain to chose from.

Q: For those with non first founding chapter & BT, is there a system of making your own chapter tactics(like the chapter traits from the 4th edition codex)?
A: No. You will have to chose out of the Chapter Tactics provide.

Q: Did the predator tanks and devestators have their prices modified in the codex?
A: They both got point decreases.

Q: Is the old Power Armored Marneus Calgar mini nonexistent?
A: He’s in Artificer armor. For 10 points more he gets Termie armor.

Q: Are there any new Ultramarine Characters?
A: No new characters.

Q: Does Orbital Bombardment still exist?
A: Yes

Q: Is Calgar’s Termie Armor the same? Built in Teleport Homer, or does it do anything special?
A: Same, but let’s you sweeping advance in Terminator Armor and still has homer.

Q: There are so many BT on because we are getting screwed by GW who is basically trying to make us in to a lame variant of a codex chapter, something we are definitely not. The more I read, the less I want to continue playing 40K.
A: I think the BT are better. You have more options than you know what to do with and most if not all of your troops are cheaper. It’s not that bad.

Another BT player raising his complaints….
Q: More options but if CC crusaders are not getting any bonus in CC then BT are WORSE in CC then with the 4th ed book and because termies will get 1 less heavy weapon in a squad of 5 BT Gunline will have less missiles
A: Those things had gone they way of the dodo bird a half a decade ago. Even if they got their own dex there ways no way that you were still going to get two heavy weapons in five termies and other outdated rules.

Squads are just as good as there 4th codex iteration. They’re cheaper, they come with frag/krak grenades, up to two power weapons, 2 flyer types, and the list goes on. There are far more pluses than minuses.

If you were banking on rules that are old and outdated then you will be disappointed. If you look at all the options then you will be excited about the possibility and the flexibility that the new dex offers.

Back to the Q&A:

Q: Ironclads the same?
A: Ironclads are the same.

Q: About Honor Guard, have they gotten cheaper? Has the chapter champion got more bad ass or is he still…meh?
A: Honorguard are cheaper and the company champion is the same, at least he’s cheaper.

Q: landspeeders the same? Or similar to the dark angels cost wise? Doubt they get 1-5 too.
A: Speeders are 1-3

Q: What about Cassius and Sicarius?
A: 1)Sicarius is 15 points cheaper and basically the same.2)Cassius is 5 points more.

Q: Any change regarding the Whirlwind?
A: Nope. Missiles do the same and its 65 points.

Q: Does IF bolter drill only apply to boltguns/bolt pistols (minus special ammo) or does it apply to hvy and hurricane bolters as well?
A: It works on every bolter on page 56 of the rule book. Hurricane bolters already get a re-roll and you can’t re-roll a re-roll.

Q: Can you give the full breakdown of grav-weapons? S value? how do they work v. vehicles? difference between grav gun and grav cannon?
A: Grav weapons wound the target based on their armor save. For example a terminator has a 2+ save so they would be wounded on a die roll of 2+. Against vehicles roll a die, 1-5 does nothing and on a 6 the vehicle is immobilized and loses a HP.

Q: Did the Codex Powers change?
A: They use the psychic powers out of the rule book, so null zone and the other powers are gone.

Q: What are te ranges on the new Grav Guns? Are they rapid fire?
A: Pistol: Range 12″, Gun: 18″ salvo 2/3, and Cannon: 24″ salvo 3/5

Q: Did the dreadnoughts gain any rules (like the rumored Inspiring Presence)?
A: No, I think that’s more wish listing.

Q:  Do the Devs get Flakk Missles?
A: Yes. They have to pay and additional 10 points.

Q: Can Honor Guard get and invunerable now (storm shields)?
A: No.

Q: Is there some caveat to the first half of the UM tactical rule (like..i don’t know,does not work on heavy weapons for example…) or is it just a plain better version of the IF one even without the extra bonus for tactical squads?
A: It will work on any weapon that rolls a 1, while the IF only works on bolter type weapons.

Q: How many points are the Scout Bikes?
A: 18 points

Q: Did they change the Cereberus launcher on the LS storm? used to be -2 leadership to enemies assaulted after disembarking.
A: It’s not the same. It’s range 18″ S 2 large blast Blind.

Q: Do BT get Land Raider Redeemers as Dedicated, or only Land Raider Crusaders?
A: Just LRC.

Q: Out of intrest, is there anything in the book that stops BT from allying with a psyker? (I know they cant take one)
A: Im not seeing anything that will stop you from allying.

Q: Any change to the Sternguard ammo types?
A: Same as before

Q: Who can take the Grav Weapons?
A: Basically anyone who can take special weapons or pistol upgrades. They heavy one is only on the Dev Centurions.

Q: How much cheaper are Honor Guard exactly?
A: They dropped 25 points.

Q: Does the Signum still work the same?
A: Yes it give one member BS5

Q: So they actually gave the straight better rule to ultramarines (at least with other chapters they have different rules…Here it’s just…better)…That makes me kind of sad.
A: Not really you have to invest a lot points into Tac squads and there essentially picking your army for you.

Q: Do you have the points cost for AA tanks?
A: Stalker = 70, Hunter = 75

Q: Do any units have Interceptor?
A: No.

Q: Has libby base cost decreased?
A: Yes, Psyker down to 65 points.

Q: Oh, do the Chaplains get any melee weapon options, or are they stuck with Crozius only?
A: They have other power weapon options and they can also have Chapter Relics.

Q: With the Ultramarines Chapter Trait do you choose, or is it based on how you build your army?
A: You choose but it will kind of force yourhand to build a certain way to take advantage of CT.

Q: Do Grav have haywire as some early rumors suggested?
A: Grav have concussive.

Q: On the stalker model it seems that its two weapon turrets can move seperatly, there was also a rumour before that they could split fire. Is there any indication of this or does the stalker simply have a s7 heavy 4 gun?
A: You’re very astute. There is an option to fire at two targets with a lowered BS.

Q: What are the specs of the flame launcher on LoD with ignores cover USR?
A:  All shooting attacks ignore cover saves.

Q: Do we get interrogator chappie/reclusiarch?
A: No, basic Chaplain for all.

Q: Did shooty Terminators get better/cheaper?
A: Heavy Flamer went up in points, while assault cannon and cyclone saw a same points decrease.

Q: How many points costs Tigurius now?
A: 165 points. Down 65 points.

Q: How much do ML 1 and 2 librarians cost?
A: ML1 = 65 and ML2 is a 25 point upgrade.

Q: Does Thunderfire Cannons get any advantage of IH Chapter Tactics? I mean, FNP or It never dies? Their techmarine gets de +1 on Omnissiah’s blessing?
A: Yes the Techmarine would get FNP, +1 Omniissiah, and it will not die.

Q: Has auxillary grenade launcher changed?
A: 24″ rapid fire.

Q: Are Tactical Squads basically the same as in Codex:DA, as far as organisation and equipment options go?
A: Yes

Q: Grav Amp lets you reroll wounds, that’s the only information on it that has come out so far.
A: Grav Amp allows you to re-roll failed wounds and armor penetration with grav weapons.

Q: Are Vanguard Vets for sure FA or Elites?
A: They are elite.

Q: Does Vulkan get Eternal Warrior?
A: No.

Q: How many points is Vukan and does he still mastercraft Thunder Hammers?
A: Vulcan is 190 and he no longer upgrades thunder hammers to MC.

Q: Can you mix your army. Like have some units be ultra marines and others be salamanders?
A: Yes. They’re allowed to ally out of the same codex.

Q: Can Independent Characters (captain, chapter masters, techmarines,etc) take centurion armour as part of their wargear?
A: No, that is not a wargear option.

Q: Can non-Black Templar armies (homebrew/unknown founding chapters) choose the Black Templar Chapter Trait? If they can do they have to take Crusader Squads instead of Tactical Squads?
A: The writing on it is a little vague. I would say yes but it may need a FAQ to clear it up.

Q: Any Salamander Relics?
A: No Sally Relics. The are space marine relics shared by all chapters.

Q: Any idea how grav weapons work against units with mixed armor saves ie Dlord + Wraiths?
A: It does not but I would figure you would wound on the majority armor save.

Q: And do Chapter traits work for allied detachments?
A: No, some SC characters have abilities that effect other units but they must have the same CT to receive that bonus.

Q: Any new pieces of common wargear like DA got (auspexes, infravisors, power field generators, etc.)?
A: Mostly grav weapons, Omniscopes, new weapon types for the AA weapons and generally moving wargear to be inline with 6th Ed.

Q:  I keep hearing Vulkan twinlinks Melta and is the same, although it would be a mercy if someone came out and said there are no MC thunder hammers. Can you please confirm? Also I just saw on Natfka that Sallies get to re-roll armour saves from flame weapons including Melta- does this mean invul saves as well?
A: 1)Vulkan TL meltas
2) He does not master craft TH anymore.
3) Only works on flame weapons which are on 56 of the Rulebook.

Q: How many points for Kantor and Vulcan?
A: 1)Kantor 185
2)Vulkan 190

Q: Sorry – meant if you have an allied detachment of say Ultramarines with Tau, do the Ultramarines still benefit from CT despite being Allies?
A: Yes, their abilities will work on that detachment. They do not lose CT for allying.

Q: Do the AA tanks have to snapshot at ground targets (i.e. do they only have skyfire, but no interceptor?)
A: AA tanks do not have interceptor.

Q: Does honour guard get to keep both their weapon and 2+ save for their new low price?
A: HG get Arti armor and power weapons.

Q: Does Helbrecht gain Orbital Bombardment?
A: Helbrecht does not.

Q: Does Kantor still keep his 12″ +1A bubble?
A: yes Kantor does.

Q: Thanks for the answer, do crusader squads have any other special rule besides ATSKNF and Chapter tactics?
A: No BT do not.

Q: How many points is a LS typhoon?
A: Typhoon 75 points

Q: How many points for a Dakka Pred/Las Pred?
A: Las 140 and Dakka 95

Q: Did they reduce the cost of the Captain?
A: Captain is 90

Q: Can models with different chapter tactics be in the same detachment? i.e. Can I take UM and IF in the same primary army then ally in some DA if I wanted them?
A: No they would have to ally those detachments together.

Q: How does work sergeants on tac squads? there is an extra cost for sergeant and veteran sergeant like dark angels?
A: Same as DA

Q: Any changes on attack bikes in cost, size of unit, etc.?
A: Attack bikes are now 45

Q: Is there any unit or weapon in the new codex with Interceptor rule?
A: No

Q: Any changes on Land Speeders?
A: Same

Q: Are crusader squad availabe to other chapter tactics than BT?
A: No

Q: Do Kantor and Helbrecht both have W4 A4 like the generic chapter masters now apparently get?
A: Yes

Q: Are Lysander’s stats the same, wounds and such?
A: Same

Q: Legion of the damned weapon costs and special rules?
A: Went down and all their shooting attacks ignore cover.

Q: Can you go a little bit deeper into what the Chapter Relics are?
A: Going to cover on the show.

Q: Am I right to assume that generaly speaking, the costs of units and vehicles that are also in the DA book are the same as they are in that book?
A: Pretty close to each other.

Q: Is the Storm Talon the same cost as in Death from the Skies?
A: Yes.

Q: Can you use characters from a different Chapter than the one whose trait you are using? In other words, can I make an Iron Hands chapter but still use Tigurius, for example?
A: No.

Q: Does the Tactical trait affect only infantry units or does it affect vehicles too?
A: Yes.

Q: Do SM get their own Warlord Traits table, and if so, what are the traits?
A: Yes, we will cover it on the show.

Q: Does Calgar get to pick his traits or does he just get 3 rolls on the tables?
A: Three rolls on the chart, re-roll doubles.

Q: how do Grav weapons work on models who don’t have armor saves (like Daemons)?
A: I would say a 5+, might be FAQed.

Q: Any change to shotguns?
A: Shotguns S4 assault 2.

Q: When you say you can ally out of the same codex, is that through the actual ally rules, or that you can mix two armies and their Chapter tactics?
A: You have to ally the two detachments.

Q: Raven Guard CT: is Stealth handed out to Vehicles too?
A: Yes, models in the detachment gain stealth.

Q: Khan: How much does he cost? How much does Moondrakkan cost?
A: Khan 125 and bike 25.

Q: Has the war gear for normal terminators changed …. Ie Can they take combi weapons?
A: No

Q: Any improvements to regular captains not previously mentioned? ie cheaper or wargear options besides the relics?
A: Pretty close to the same.

Q: Terminators of either type cheaper?
A: No.

Q: Scout bikers still lay mines or is that different?
A: Yes.

Q: Can we get elaboration on the Stalker? All I know right now is “S:7 Heavy4″
A: S7 AP4 Range 48″

Q: Can it split fire or something?
A: You can split fire

Q: Any special rules, or is it basically just two glorified AA-Autocannons?
A: Glorified Autocannon

Q: What is the range on the Hunter’s gun?
A: 60″

Q: The Ultramarines’ Tactical Doctrine only re-rolls 1′s for shooting, right?

Q: Have Tigurius’ stats changed at all?
A: Stats are the same.

Q:  Does a bike Captain only make a bike squad a Troop if it numbers exactly 5 bikes, or or can it be a full “8 man + attack bike” squad?
A: At least 5 bikes can be up to 8.

Q: Anything changed with assault squads? Can they be taken as troops?
A: 17pts and can’t be troops.

Q: Can command and honor guard take jump packs?
A: No.

Q: Do librarians have invuln saves? If not, can they buy them as upgrades?
A: Only in Terminator Armor.

Q: Do any of the characters or chapter tactics give fearless or stubborn?
A: No

Q: What about assault squads? Did their cost decrease a little too? Can they finally take meltaguns?
A: 17 Points and No Melta Guns.

Q: So for clarification on the bikes: any 1 bike unit of at least 5 models (of which one may be upgraded to an attack bike) can be a troop choice per captain on a bike in your army?
A: Correct.

Q: How many base attacks do Centurions have?
A: Centurions have A1. Centurion Sergeants have A2.

Q: Beyond being 15 pts cheaper, any changes to Sicarius?
A: You get +1 to reserves and no longer seize the initiative on a 5 or 6.

Q: How many power weapons can a Crusader squad take (besides the Sergeant) and is there an option to take a pair of lighting claws (either for normal BT marines or the Sergeant)
A: Power Weapon or Power Fist.

Q: Just to make sure I got it right, Honor Guard get: artificer armour, power weapon, Bolter and bolt pistol for 25 points? That sounds like a good deal even if they don’t have a invul save.
A: Yes, but don’t forget about the frag and krak grenades.

Q: Does the Ultramarine Tactical Doctrine trait (Rerolling Ones for non-tatical marines) apply to vehicles? (The answer before was unclear)
A: Yes, it says “models” in the detatchment. Vehicles are models.

Q: Does the rule for not taking non-chapter characters apply to Telion?
A: Telion is marked as an Ultramarine character and has CT(Ultramarines).

Q: Just to confirm, chapter tactics affect all models in a detachment, to include vehicles, unless otherwise stated, correct?
A: Yes.

Q: Lastly, is each gun on the Stalker Heavy 4 or is each gun Heavy 2?
A: Stalker is Heavy 4. There is an ability to fire at two separate targets. That will be covered on the next show.

Q: Does the Stalker and Hunter have Skyfire?

A: Yes, but they do not have interceptor.

Do we need rumours?

Me on a Saturday night before I’ve watched Doctor Who.

It’s a question that has been bothering me for a while now and not just because Games Workshop has gotten somewhat possessive about their IP of late, to the point where forums are being threatened with legal action if they don’t take down pictures. Now, of course, companies like Games Workshop have every right to want to protect their intellectual property. But it does beg the question: do we actually need rumours?

Because, even if they are going a little crazy with it and shooting themselves in the foot at the same time, Games Workshop are in business with a big company. Universal and the Tolkien Estate could pull their rights to make Lord of the Rings miniatures tomorrow if they don’t keep up with the level of secrecy that is expected of such a partnership. Even though Games Workshop have cut down on leaks, it hasn’t affected their profits, which have remained stable through the past 5 years of economic decline.

But why shouldn’t we have spoilers? Why shouldn’t we, as wargamers and consumers in general, be entitled to rumours or spoilers of upcoming releases? I mean, if you want to get all statistical on my ass its even been proven that the overall enjoyment of something isn’t decreased the more we know about it.

Yes, I did just argue with myself. I’m a very conflicted person.

So why should I adopt a stance against myself of not believing that we should be entitled to spoilers or previews? Especially when the rest of consumer culture, from films; to books; to comics have all taken it upon themselves to start revealing key details about their products often months in advance, to the point where you can piece together the plot of a film by the time the second trailer is out and know if the latest Robin is dead a full month before the issue announcing him is published?

I personally think it’s about managing expectations. Rumours are really hard to quantify, because there’s no way to say they are directly good or bad. Just as rumours can build hype for a company’s releases, they can swing right back around and bite that company in the arse. It can also kill a lot of interest before a product is out.

Remember Elder in the 4th edition? Remember Tau? Those two races had pretty much their entire codex’s up online close to a month before their release. And when the armies were released? The product line flatlined as gamers had already written them off as being not ‘powerful enough’ or whatever shit they come out with to justify their ignorance. Compare this to the new release Tau release? Where all we saw were a few blurry pictures before release? Early reports indicate that GW can’t keep up with demand [Although indications are they’ve been choking off models to Independents – Ed.]

On the flip side, the absence of rumours over the 6th edition Chaos Space Marine codex meant the internet went into overdrive coming up with rumours aplenty, most of which meant that the codex was scuttled upon launch as the reality would never have matched up to the insane demands of the fandom.

So what am I trying to say? I think my indecision on the topic covers my thinking that spoilers are both good and bad for us. They are bad because they can kill any momentum a release can have and, as with most rumours, we never know the reality until we have the chance to get our hands on the finished project. At the same time, they help create this melting pot that we can all join in on and that when the community really comes alive, with house rules, new backgrounds and collaborative projects springing up everywhere. From looking at the stats, it certainly creates some serious traffic spikes on The Shell Case. I suspect it the way almost every other site works too.

Print media in the 20th century got us into the habit of taking the news of yesterday and discarding it for the news of today, to help feed the ravenous need to know more. With the internet, that only accelerated. When everything is instant, we don’t want to have to wait, we want it now. We’re somehow entitled to it now.

That both worries and excites me. But it’s just the way of things these days.

Mass Effect Ever After

For anyone who’s been living under a rock these last few months you should have heard about a little to do that erupted over the ending of Mass Effect 3. Fans felt that they had been cheated on a variety of levels – most significantly that all their choices leading to that point didn’t make the blindest bit of difference and that the ending rather limited any future titles. Now, if I’m honest, I didn’t mind the ending all that much. Yes I felt a little cheated because I did want a ‘happily ever after’ ending after all I, through my character, had been through. I wasn’t too bothered about choices not mattering because the story is still linear and your freedom of choice was actually a lot less than people realised and the story needed to end. And because I’d found out some months before that there would be at least one more Mass Effect game – if not 3 – it had to end in a very specific way, just as the first game did. Ultimately, I wasn’t too worried because I knew it’d all be explained in the next game.

However the gaming community were not a happy bunch. Vociferously so. And Bioware, being the community focussed bunch they are had very little choice but to create the Extended Ending DLC. I downloaded it like a good little fan boy but was happy to wait to play it until I’d played my way through Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and Modern Warfare 3. Plus I needed to get galactic readiness up which was able to do via the Mass Effect 3 app. Last night, it seemed was the night to fire up the game and play out the last part of the game to see what Bioware had done to save themselves from mob justice.

The DLC is essentially new and/or extended cut scenes. Some of them are things of beauty some of them are little more than stills which indicates the tiny window Bioware had to turn it around in. I feel sorry for them as they were never going to please everyone as the original ending sets things up for Mass Effect 4. The new ending – depending on your choice makes it all feel very very final. This could mean that the decision to make more Mass Effect games has been reversed which would be a crying shame. However, the fact that key plot twists were tweaked or changed altogether means there is still a possible future, albeit a much bleaker than we’re use to in the Mass Effect universe. However, it’s important to move on the time line and it’s certainly a brave direction that Bioware are going in. The cut scenes make for a much more complete ending and seeing the future that your sacrifice has given boon too is gratifying if bitter-sweet.

Which I think is part of the problem. I think it’s fair to say that nobody who loves the Mass Effect games wanted Shepard dead. Everyone wanted him to survive against the odds. He’d literally cheated death once before, and it didn’t seem unreasonable for him to do it again. Indications are that we won’t be playing as Shepard in Mass Effect 4 regardless of whether or not your ending had him taking that sudden gasp of air. It doesn’t, however, rule out him being in the game. But it begs the question – will we want to play it? It was the same problem people had with Halo 3: ODST. As much as we love the universe, taking the hero out of the tale takes our engagement out with it. That said I quite enjoyed ODST, but only as a one-off.

No matter how cool the story will inevitably be, Mass Effect without Shepard will be a very different experience, but perhaps not out-of-place in a galaxy that is all but shattered and civilisations attempt to rebuild their societies whilst trying to try one another. I think the right ending for Mass Effect 3 was somewhere in the middle of the original and extended cut but it’s easy for me to say because I’m a fan.

40k Rumour Confirmations

I know I said I wasn’t going to post rumours any more but these are rumour confirmations so it doesn’t count…

This little lot was on Bell of Lost Souls.

Hullpoints: The previous rumors are true. Vehicles move to the new hullpoints system that will eventually kill them after receiving a number of critical chart rolls. Look for 3+ Hullpoints on most vehicles.

Allies are IN: As had been suspected, a new army chart will report the level of cooperation various armies can have. This will not allow cherrypicking of valuable units from another codex, but instead the ability to integrate a second FOC chart into you army from the selected ally. How deep you can develop this second tree (beyond the mandatory HQ and 2 troops) is determined by what level of cooperation the armies have on the chart.

Fortifications: The truth exceeds the mission based rumors. Look to find a new “Fortification Slot” on the FOC that all armies can access and use in standard army construction. Surprise, surprise, the common choices available happen to have existin Games Workshop kits already available.

Close Combat Weapon AP Values: This is true, and look for a full chart listing all the common CC Weapons in the game and where they land from AP1 all the way down to AP-

Hull points is an interesting idea and it’s good to see close combat weapons get a steroid shot. Although I can’t help but think that both these changes will benefit the forces of the Imperium more than most. But I guess we won’t have long to wait to find out…

Why do we bother with Rumours?

I was musing today, whilst simultaneously copying files onto the new laptop and playing Mass Effect 2 that the rumours regarding 6th Edition 40k that I posted yesterday morning didn’t actually make me feel terribly good about the future of a game I really love to play. Which lead me to the question; why did I bother?

Because the thing about rumours is they are, by their very nature, toxic.

In the cases where the rumours are from an ‘official’ source, the person doing the leaking shouldn’t be but is because either they want to show off or they’re a disgruntled employee. Either way they should probably stop because if someone was leaking stuff about my IP I’d fire them out of a cannon. Literally. It’s also a betrayal of who they work for. And can you ever really trust the word of a traitor?

However the number of times the rumours doing the rounds are third hand, old news, speculations or someone filling in the gaps from the end of a conversation they overheard in their local hobby store. However they come across these bits of ‘news’ they’re motivations are questionable. So often the rumours churned out by forums, wherever they are, can be someone just trying to stir things up, or just sit back and watch the fireworks as their lies ripple through a community who are very passionate about their hobby. As I say; toxic.

It also makes us bitchy. We moan and snipe when we hear news we don’t like. Yes it’s frustrating when an army changes as there’s a cost attached. But hearing about before it’s happened doesn’t change anything and usually comes without the full understanding of why or the rest of the changes so we lack any meaningful insight.

And if we think so I’ll of a company, not naming names, that we think they make changes to just to sell models, why are we bothering at all?

But the real question isn’t why do I bother, it’s why do I care? What happened to waiting for things to just happen? Sure, I’m all for a sneaky photo because I think leaked photos – providing, it was on purpose, is great for building up hype around the hobby. When the new Ogre Kingdoms images were leaked it caused such a stir it was one of GWs best releases in recent years.

And I admit that it’s a little bit pot calling the kettle black as I’m just as guilty as anyone for posting rumours that I’ve found along the way. I need to do this less and focus on what’s actually happening in my hobby now rather than could happen in a couple of months time.

I think there’s also an arrogance when it comes to rumours, whether we admit it or not. We hear a rumour and we instantly decide that the developer in question doesn’t know what they’re doing, that we know better and that the developer is about to ruin our game. This is, aside from remarkably stupid, very destructive as it builds resentment between us and the people who provide us with games and toys that we spend endless hours building, painting and playing.

The fact is that we either put our faith in the developers or we don’t. The most recent 40k rumours made me really nervous about the rules and the fluff, but you know what? It ain’t my game. And if someone told me how to write Project Awesome I’d tell them to fuck the hell off. So I guess that’s kinda what I’m telling myself to do. I’m sure I’ll still get the itch and post the odd article I see but I’m going to try to temper those posts with a modicum of reason.

Because, you know what? It does make sense for the Astartes to protect the Tau, kinda, because in the original Tau Codex it heavily hinted that the Eldar buggered about with the Tau’s evolution because they realised, as the Emperor apparently did, that they are a Chaos proof army. Throw in the fact that the Necrons have taken exception to the anarchy that Chaos and the Tyranids are causing in the Universe and it may just give the Imperium the breathing space it needs to not implode in on itself.

With this in mind I’m going to try to stop listening to rumours. I’m also gonna try to only put up what I think is credible. I’m going to enjoy my hobby more and worry about rule changes less. And, one day, if I’ve stopped enjoying the hobby because the games I play no longer bear any resemblance what I was playing then I shall thank it for the memories and move on down the road.

More 6th Edition 40k Rumours

The rumour mill has been chugging away and produced this little lot that I found on Blood of Kittens. Some of it seems a little out there so, as always, take it with a pinch of salt.

Changes to the fluff:
The Imperium is fracturing and the Space Marines are starting to separate themselves from the Lords of Terra. The heretical and xenophobia has gotten to a tipping point causing many chapters to take actions against the “best wishes” of many in the Imperium.
A discovery of galactic importance has happened.
At a time before right before the Horus Heresy the Emperor had intrusted Roboute Guilliman in the protection of one Xenos race that was completely immune the temptations of Chaos and would prove the ultimate key to the destruction of Chaos. The Horus Heresy ended such plans. Fast forward to today with discovery of these lost correspondences, it is believed by the Ultramarines and others that the Tau are that lost race. So now instead of being charge with their destruction the Astartes are the Tau protectors.

Now I’m all for moving the story along but that last point seems a little much. The rest of it seems roughly along the lines of what my own GW sources are telling me though. But it’ll be interesting to see what happens as pretty soon changes to the canon will start to impact on the fiction. Plus the it’s always supposed to be ‘5 to midnight’ – midnight being the end of the Imperium as we know it – and if the rumours above are accurate it seems a little more like ‘2 minutes to midnight’.

Changes to the Rules:
Every unit gets a 6+ save vs. all Psychic Powers.
Random Charge Lengths are in.
Pre-measuring is in.
Random Battle field effects are in.
All armies can purchase buildings for placement on the battlefield.
Psychic powers are selected during deployment. (except Grey Knights)
Deployment and Missions types have doubled.
Allies are back and this will be according to fluff and will have certain restrictions. So for instance Tyranids will not have any allies. Tau with all Space Marine Chapters. Necrons with Blood Angels. Imperial Guard with Space Marines. Chaos Space Marines with Demons. If it fits the fluff it will be done.

I’m not sure how I feel about allies. I suppose it’s reasonable and allows for players to take more narrative driven armies. Random charge length seems a strange thing to introduce considering the standardised movement rule and doesn’t take into account things like Space Marines being super human power houses. Which will probably mean yet more special rules or exceptions in the book that single them out and make non-Space Marine players hate them even more. But I guess we’ll find out end of June.

6th Edition 40k Boxset Rumours

There’s some rumours floating around the interwebs about what the 6th Edition 40k boxset will include so I thought I’d share what I’ve come across. Please remember these are rumours, not my opinions, so add salt to taste.

Dark Angels:

Terminator Captain
5 Deathwing
Tactical Squad
Ravenwing bikes (3 likely)

Chaos Marine squad

Personally I think it’ll be nice to see a new Chaos Dreadnought – perhaps along the lines of the Contemptor but a shitter version in the boxset seems counter productive (considering the shorter, lamer AoBR Space Marine Dreadnoughts). The forces seem a little unbalanced too but without specifics it’s hard to say one way or the other. I also hope they put the multipart plastic Space Marines back in the box but I know that they’ll just shove the AoBR ones in instead.

More Codex Chaos Legion Rumours

More rumours are flying around for the looming Codex Chaos Legions book. As we draw ever closer to the release of 6th edition it would appear that there may well be two Chaos Space Marine books after all, bringing the number of Codices up to 3.

I think this is pretty fair considering the loyal sons of the Emperor have 6 and that number may increase.

Anyway, add salt to taste…

-The new codex is squarely focused on the original 9 Traitor Legions and their factions. More recent renegade chapters (like the Red Corsairs) may get the cold shoulder.

-Chaos to get a form of Preferred Enemy on certain units.

-Daemon Princes may wind up being the only “Marked” Daemonic creatures – meaning either no god-specific daemons, or god-specific units but without the use of “Marks”.

-Daemon Princes moving in line with the ones in the Daemon Codex but “with a more Chaos Space Marine feel”, probably with specific benefits for different Legions.

-Chosen may not have access to Terminator Armour.

-Cult Terminators return in some form.

-Another “generic cult terminator” unit that gains special rules according to the Legion being played.

Mass Effect 40,000

So all indications are that Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium has been canned. Or at least canned as a MMORPG. If I’m honest, I’m quite pleased because, quite simply, there was no way on this Earth that THQ were going to recreate the 40k Universe as faithfully or as successfully as the crack team of writers at the Black Library. Even Space Marine, which was pretty good, took artistic license too far in places (lascannon as a sniper rifle anyone?), so to make the 40k Universe accessible to the masses in the form of a massively multiplayer online space, and throw in RPG elements that make sense and provide replay value, there was going to have to be soon serious fucking about with the IP.

The other good thing about its cancellation is that it breathes life into Space Marine 2, or equivalent, which had been thoroughly pissed all over by THQ’s to bod late last year. However, it could be Space Marine but not as we know it as indications are that Dark Millennium will be reborn as a third person shooter with RPG/Narrative elements included and some multiplayer thrown in for good measure. So, basically ME40k. I’ll be honest, the idea really intrigues me. As I say, Space Marine was a good game, but suffered from a story that was a little confused in places, and the fact that you were herded down linear maps inexorably hurtling towards the end of the game confident in the knowledge that you’d get the bad guy in the end. How you fought the game made bugger all difference and with games like Mass Effect kicking around you can’t get away with that any more. Gamers expect more. Especially as games like Mass Effect and Halo offer some incredible IPs that you can get nice and stuck into outside of the games themselves, just like 40k.

ME40kDM (Mass Effect 40,000: Dark Millennium), catchy no?, could mean that players get all the fun of Space Marine’s mental combat mechanics but with the kind of story we’ve come to expect from the likes of Abnett, McNeill, Swallow et al. This could be epic. Game changingly so. With a background as rich as Warhammer 40,000’s it could blow the monopoly that Mass Effect still possesses an iron grip on despite the fans misgivings about the ending of the third installment. With news of 4th, 5th and 6th instalments leaked last year now is the time for the Games Workshop and THQ to get into the game. I think that a 40k equivalent could do extremely well providing that (a) They have a solid and ambitious script, ideally written by a BL author or authors, (b) The voice actors are good and have done their reading before they do their studio session (are you listening cast of the Ultramarines movie!) and (c) that the project lead doesn’t confuse gratuitous violence for action.

A 40k narrative focussed, third person shooter with Mass Effect’s decision-making & paragon/renegade elements thrown in could be awesome. Let’s just hope they do it.
I shall leave you with the trailer for Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium, the game that shall never be. Let’s just hope it turns into something better.

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New Chaos Legion Rumours

More rumours abound regarding Codex Chaos Legions. This little lot was on Bell of Lost Souls. Add salt to taste but it all sounds delicious…

First up, there is the implication of the new aesthetic design of the dead Thousand Son torso on the ThunderWolves kit. Have fun with that one. Plastic cult troops are said to be on the way.

Talk of new Chaos Predator weapon options including a TL Plasmagun turret with single Plasmagun sponsons.

Hints of Obliterator weapon morphs expanding beyond just energy weapons (as has been mentioned in some recent Black Library novels)

Talk of several special characters look to be getting varying levels of Eternal Warrior (1-3), including Abaddon, Kharn, Typhus and two more. Hmm, multiple versions of Eternal Warrior was within the Heresy rule set.

Options for “mid-level” characters possibly able to be taken taken as 2-for-1 HQ choices, or possibly as “as a separate Elite or Fast or Troop choice that can be split off” Example given was a possible unit of Dark Apostles that can then split off as squad leaders. (like Wolfguard)

Chaos will struggle to combat psykers, but Khornate characters have ways of nullifying psychic abilities aimed at them. (probably Collars of Khorne)

More options for Thousand Sons and a Tzeentch Daemon Engine.

And finally, talk of Alpha Legion forcing enemies to take Ld tests before they move or shoot in some manner.

I’m sure they’ll be more on the way, so I’ll keep you posted.