My Day at Salute


So yesterday was Salute 2013, a day that I spend the previous 365 days looking forward too hugely. And why? Aside from it being a massive room full of toy soldiers, games, scenery and even more toy soldiers, it’s a gathering of wargamers from across the country enjoying their hobby. It’s always great fun to see all the different people who are drawn to wargaming and what kind of games tickles their fancy.

I had a rip-roaring day. I always make a point of visiting as many companies as I can that have supported The Shell Case in one way or another. So I stopped by Amera and may or may not have impulsively preordered their new Dreadball Arena. Also spent a huge lump of wonga with Ainsty Castings on a tremendous 4×4 sci-fi installation board so you can expect a review of that soon.

I also managed to catch up with Andy from Heresy Miniatures and Jed from Antenociti’s Workshop – who I must apologise to for not popping back to see him but time ran out. Mantic got some of my pounds as I picked up Dreadball Season 2 and the Judwan team. I also picked up those Troopers from Heresy like I planned.

Two big highlights for me: A couple of highlights for me was catching up with friend of The Shell Case, and all round nice guy, Chris Wraight at the Black Library stand and we talked Horus Heresy and what was coming next. Excited doesn’t cover it.

I also got the opportunity to talk to Mike McVey about what’s next for Sedition Wars which, again, is hugely exciting and I can already see my bank balance shrinking but it’s so cool I don’t care. The shitter was that I was so engrossed that I missed out on the last limited edition Vanguard model that was on sale. But you can’t have em all.

I also got to chat with the guys from Pulp City about their impending second edition. I may have also picked up a couple of their models just because they’re way cool…



Steel Crown Productions, the dudes behind Exodus Wars, are up to some way cool stuff and are really gaining momentum with the new ranges. By the time I caught up with one of the creators – Tom – there were a lot of empty pegs on their stand. I also came across a company called Ammon Miniatures who do some awesome stuff so make sure you look em up and check out their Indiegogo campaign.


An unexpected gem was what KR Multicase are up to. They’re producing wargaming tables and furniture. All I need to do now is get my man cave built in the back garden and I’ll be all set. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to speak to Dayl so I don’t have prices or anything for you but as and when I do I shall put them up.

I did spontaneously buy myself this bad boy from Forge World so it does rather look like I’ll be doing a small ally contingent of Tau to go with my Ultramarines.


Just to be clear, as it’s allies I don’t break my ‘no new army’ rule. So there.

Obviously one of the highlights of the day was catching up with various #warmongers and sitting down with a dozen or so of them for lunch. There was much showing off of toys and the usual banter one would expect from all lads together.

It was a chuffing brilliant day with lots of good people, piles of money spent and piles of plastic, metal and resin to show for it. All I can say is roll on next yet.

Salute 2013


It’s crazy to think that a whole year has gone past since the last Salute and if anything I’m even more excited about this one. Mainly because I’ve been saving for months so I can really go to town – not that I didn’t do badly on the toy front last year – but I get to spend a day with The Chaps, meet up with the #warmongers and generally have a brilliant day up to my eyes in wargaming.

I shall be doing my best to Tweet throughout the day – network permitting – so keep an eye out for pictures and what have you.

I’m also really looking forward to the #warmongersMeetUp so those attending Salute that want to come along keep an eye out on Twitter for that hashtag as it’ll be appearing on numerous Twitter accounts. It’ll be great to see the guys from last year as well as hopefully new faces too. Any and all #warmongers are welcome. I’m hoping to get a photo of all the guys that have #warmongers shirts to share with you.

One last thing: Reading various feeds last night on Twitter I was struck by the phenomenal amount of work that the traders put in to prepare for this event. Incredibly long days and a lot of money investing in stock they hope will sell. Not to mention getting to the venue, setting up, serving members of the community all day and then they get the pleasure, whilst we sod of with all our wares, of packing up again and taking long drives home. With this in mind, to all those who are attending as customers; do your best to thank all the traders you deal with for making the effort to come along. I guarantee you it will mean a lot to them.

All that’s left to be said is have an amazing time tomorrow to all those going and if you see me about – I’ll be the guy in The Shell Case shirt – then do say hi.

Studio McVey Previews

The Studio McVey Blog

Studio McVey have previewed a couple of models that’ll be available at Salute this year. As I’m still riding high on my Sedition Wars buzz I can see myself handing Mr McVey all my money, a kidney, and possibly my first-born in exchange for these little beauties…

The first is the new miniature in the LE resin series – Ur-Fidyr – £18

The next two are previews for Sedition Wars miniatures – these are cast in high quality resin (just like the LE series), and are available in very limited quantities. Commodore Grist – £18 and Phaedrus Chirurge – £20.

So, yeah, gonna be buying these…

Shopping Lists

This evening I had Neil of The Chaps round to work on a game we’ve been developing with Lee of The Chaps. We’re reaching the point where we’ll be able to start basic playtesting as our mechanic is, if I do say so myself, rather elegant and so we need to make sure it holds up to full scale games before we get too involved in the more exotic rules and campaigns etc. So, inevitably we started browsing the interwebs for models that would proxy until such time as we’re ready to get models designed and cast.


As we started to put together a list of companies we liked the look of we naturally started going through the list of traders attending Salute  2013 to see if they would be there. And before we knew it a shopping list had started to form as well as an increasing list of traders to visit.

This got me thinking about how much fun events like Salute can be as it’s not always about running around like a child trying to spend all your money as quickly as possible (although that can be fun too). And it’s not always about looking at and investing in new games or just picking up models because you like them. This year myself and Neil and Lee are going there with the intention of seeing what models we can find that fit in with our various hobby projects. The age-old art of Proxying.

The really exciting part is that there are so many good companies out there producing some wonderful games and some awesome models and is this very reason that gives this site its main focus. As we browsed the internet we came across models that we wanted to buy and we dutifully added them to our shopping list and made notes against the trader list (which is so full of mistakes it’s actually embarrassing). I thought I’d share some of the models we have our eye on and the companies that produce them…

Troopers from Heresy Miniatures


The Convoy from Taban’s Eden



A couple of hard nuts from Pulp City


And a few villainous sorts from Knight Models


And maybe finished off with a few Special Forces from Urban Mammoth


And this is on top of all the other stuff that was already on our shopping list but you know what, it’s part of the fun of going to events like Salute because no matter how strict you plan on being, and how rigidly you stick to your shopping list one still can’t help but run around the place like a child on a sugar high because there’s few things better than going round with your mates, looking at cool toys, buying a few and in your head work out how much you’re going to tell the wife how much you spent whilst grimacing at how much you really spent.

For all those going to Salute this year I’d love to hear what’s on your shopping list…