Mantic Battlezones Announced


Mantic are back with another release but this time it isn’t a new team for Dreadball!

They are instead launching their new futuristic scenery range: Battlezones which they are saying will allow you to easily build a truly 3D gaming space at a genuinely affordable price. If this is the case then I am very interested as the first pictures suggest that these kits could be great for a lot of games.

The Urban Quadrant

From what Mantic have said so far Battlezones will be marketed as high quality plastic kits that will be modular so can be built and put together in a virtually infinite number of ways. Looking at these initial pictures, it looks like the range will be suitable not only to add cover to a large board but also to create some interesting looking claustrophobic close quarter battlefields ideal for skirmish games.


We will keep an eye open for any more news on this, and their timing couldn’t be better with Salute 2014 just around the corner. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product, and needless to say I will paying Mantic a visit on the day to see what they are showcasing.

New Maki Games Renders

Over on Kickstarter, Maki Games have put up some new renders of their scenery sets. If they don’t make you go all funny in your hobby spot then you’re just not having enough fun with your hobby.
There’s about 56 hours to go (at time of posting) so if you fancy helping them hit the £60k mark then click here.



Next on the Shell Case Shorts…

With nine days to go until the second Shell Case Shorts competition closes I thought I’d let you know what was coming for the next competitions running over March & April.

March will be a Fantasy based competition. Like February’s it’ll be 5,000 words all based on Fantasy wargaming IP. This story will make up the last story of the Shell Case Shorts anthology. The prize will be two, yes two signed books from none other than Gav Thorpe.

April is all about Origins. 3,000 words on the history of a Space Marine chapter, military regiment, faction etc, created by you for an existing wargaming IP. It can be Sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk, anything you like. But it must be an origins piece, not a story about them specifically. Consider homeworld/nation, doctrine, organisation, battle cry etc.

The prize for this hasn’t been confirmed yet but I’m on the case.

I won’t list Ts & Cs here but keep you eyes peeled for these posts, they’ll be going up on the 1st March & 1st April respectively.