ODAM 9 – The Great Unclean One

ODAMRoundel copy

It’s that time again boys and girls! In this episode of the renowned¬†international podcast coalition we welcome back long-lost John (@thefrostyaussie) back from being a giant pussy for a summer. No really.

Ashley, Jason, Nate & Adam and I are also there and we actually talk about stuff and things. We give our thoughts on the new Dark Elves, the new Space Marine codex and, of course, we inevitably get sidetracked into the rising costs of doing the hobby and Jason decides to waggle his Great Unclean One at us.

As always ODAM has adult humour and themes right from the start.


Warsculptor Sculpting Guide

Jason of Noobhammer fame has an alter ego in the form of Warsculptor because the mad bugger does commission sculpting. Well he’s sharing the knowledge with the community and put a tutorial for you all to enjoy. If you don’t follow Jase on Twitter as either of his personas you should, he’s an ace guy and is right with us in growing the community.

Anyway, enjoy…