Welcome to the Wolf Pack

Below is some more information from Spartan Games about the rather awesome Black Wolf submersible that you get free when you pre-order the new edition of Dystopian Wars:

Captain Vladimir Nikonov is what some call a mercenary, but he instead thinks of himself as an avenger. He has no allegiance to any nation, and will, for the right payment, bring the full, deadly force of The Black Wolf to a military engagement. A veteran of the Russian Coalition naval forces, Nikonov rose quickly through the ranks, and soon became the chosen Captain to command the latest technological achievement of the Russian Coalition, the Submersible приносящий смерть (Death Bringer).

But on its maiden voyage Nikonov, and his loyal supporters, stole the submersible and vanished. A year later reports of a devastating ‘underwater machine of destruction’ first appeared in a Britannian newspaper following the destruction of a flotilla of KoB warships in the waters around Greenland. Within 6 months the names Nikonov and The Black Wolf would be heard around the world… and death would soon follow.

Nikonov's Flag

Nikonov’s Flag

The Black Wolf (and Empire of the Blazing Sun's Sokatsu Class Battleship)

The Black Wolf (and Empire of the Blazing Sun’s Sokatsu Class Battleship)

So, how do you get hold of Captain Vladimir Nikonov’s stunning submersible? The simple answer is byordering the new Dystopian Wars Edition 1.1 Master Rulebook from the Spartan Games Online Store. You’ll then get this £8.50 model for free, an A6 piece of artwork with the model’s rules on the reverse, a Stat Card and two acrylic Echo Templates. Whichever nation you command, be sure to hire the services of this most cunning of mercenaries, and use him to help defeat your opponents in battle!

Dystopian Wars Edition 1.1

Spartan Games have announced the release of Dystopian Wars Edition 1.1 Master Rulebook.

Essentially it’s the same rules but with a lot of rule tweaks including fleet lists. The fleet lists themselves have been refined and the layout improved to make it much easier to work from.

Spartan are very keen to emphasise that this rule book is full compatible with the Covenant of Antarctica & Republique of France rules which presumably were written with this version of the rules in mind.

The rulebook is £16, ships on the 27th of February, and if you order through the Spartan store you get the rather groovy mercenary submersible & echo templates (way cool) pictured below worth £8.50.