Spartan Spectacular

Anyone who visits this blog, Paint and Biscuits or the Spartan Games website will know that the fine chaps at Spartan have been very busy lately, with a bevy of sneak peaks hitting the blog pages.

Amongst the plethora of toys was the Firestorm Armada Dreadnoughts. Slowly leaked over a number of weeks, players of this fine space combat romp have been scouring the interwebs to find out when they’ll be coming out. Well I can tell you it’ll be next month. Just in time for Christmas so reserve a portion of your present budget from the wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend – delete as appropriate – for you dreadnought of choice. Prices start at £17 and go up to £23 in the case of the Aquan ship, but if you’ve seen size compared to the battleships, that’s still excellent value.

And before anyone asks, yes I’ll be getting a couple for review. And in case anyone’s interested, the destroyers will be out the same time in packs of 2 for between £9 and £10.50.

In other Spartan news Phase 3 of Uncharted Seas is rolling out with yet more choice models some of which can be seen below…


Uncharted Seas – Second Edition

As Uncharted Seas from Spartan Games is now out I’d do a brief rundown of the Phase 1 releases. Some of it is out yet, some of it isn’t but it’s a little taster and the opportunity to see how far the ships have come from the original release.

Now, I don’t play Uncharted Seas but the Shroud Mages have got me tempted…

Dragon Lords

Iron Dwarves

Shroud Mages

The Ralgard


Gaming Cards