Spy or Die Trying on Kickstarter

If you wander over to Kickstarter, a website I’m sure most of you check daily now thanks to the sheer volume of start-ups, you’ll see a board game called Spy or Die Trying from Warm Acre.

Warm Acre, for those not in the know, occupy a soft spot in my heart because they produce games that are good fun, have a lovely sense of humour about them but still offer a tactical challenge, and that’s actually a very difficult balance to achieve. Check out their game No Go Zone in which you have to make gestures at your opponent rather than roll dice to defeat them. It’s completely mad, especially if you’ve had some beers (which I may or may not have had when I played it) but it works and is a good and challenging game.

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Spy or Die Trying I suspect offers a similar blend of humour and tactical dilemmas with a twist of cult TV spy shenanigans. But here’s the fluff from their Kickstarter page

Spy or Die Trying is an asymmetrical board game that pits agents of the Peace Enforcing Nations (PEN) against the might of the Secret World Order (SWORD)

If you join the SWORD, you’ll command a fortified base, complete with fanatical guards, mad scientists and trap-setting technicians to eliminate uninvited guests. Your objective is to develop a doomsday weapon and defend your secrets. Because in just 60 minutes the world could be yours!

As an agent of the PEN, you can play alone or with 2 other players. You must infiltrate the base, collect intelligence about the doomsday weapon and escape. You’ll be outnumbered and hunted, and you have only 60 minutes before the base goes into lockdown, sealing your fate and the fate of world! All you have is your wits, your unique talents and (of course) some cool spy gadgets to help you accomplish your mission.

The game features fast-paced combat and a unique stealth system that gives agents the option of using silence or violence to take on the base.
Time itself is a resource, agents can ‘spend time’ to accomplish a variety of actions (from breaching doors to sabotaging the base’s generator) but they must spend it with care – every minute takes the world closer to doomsday and victory for the SWORD.

It’s time to spy… or die trying!


Spy or Die Trying is a game for 2 to 4 players. One takes on the role of Base Defender the others are Intruders who play cooperatively against him.

The box set includes a full-colour rule book, game board, die-cut markers, secret agent profiles and dice. Card figures represent agents and minions in the game; metal miniatures will be available for players who want to take their espionage adventures to a higher level.

It does look like a lot of fun and if you’re into Crooked Dice’s 7TV then this might just give your hobby spot a jolly good tickle. If so then bop over to the Kickstarter page.