Leaked Space Marine Tactical Squad Images

Yes, even more leaked Space Marine images. This time the all important Tactical Squad. Rejoice wargamers because it looks like they’ll be a squad of 10 after all but goodness knows how much they’ll be.

They look like they’ve just been tidied up rather than anything too mental done with them, which is good. In fact it looks like there’s just been sharpening of detail and improving some of the poses. I heard a rumour that they’ll be some bits to make pre-heresy armour variants but we’ll see.


And here’s some snaps of the new Sternguard models as well. Which look awesome. And thankfully in keeping enough with the previous Veteran models that I won’t need to replace them. Hurrah!NewSpaceMarineSternguard

Leaked Space Marine Sternguard Image

They’re coming thick and fast now. This small shot shows the new plastic Sternguard toting combi weapons which is…nice. The even smaller shot shows a vet rocking a beard. I have no problem with the face fungus but I do feel that the models are more Ultramarine and if the rumours about the Codex are to be believed it’ll be less Ultramarines… Food for thought.


And just because I like to spoil you, here’s another shot of the anti-air Rhino variant.

And a big thanks to @TheBlueHeretic & @Jipin for sharing the links.