Tau Cover Art

Here it is folks, a blurry photo of the Tau Codex…The commander model reflects this dude but sadly the crisis suit haven’t been updated which is a real shame.


warhammer 40K Tau Battlesuit CommanderAnd just to make you cry, the price lists…

Riptide Suit £50.00

Sun Shark Bomber / Razorshark Strike Fighter £40.00

Hammerhead / Skyray £35.00

Pathfinders (plastic) £20.00

Broadside £30.00

Crisis Suits (boxed set) £45.00

Cadre Fireblade £12.00

Tau Battlesuit Commander £25.00

Commander Farsight £30.00

Darkstrider £11.00

Longstrike £9.50 

Battleforce £80.00